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Date: 25-5-2022
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Through this page I aim to announce anything new related to Isokratia: Group formations; local websites; New language publication; actions and reactions in favour or against Isokratia; request for assistance in subjects or areas whenever deem necessary.  AS such please become a regular visitor to this  Announcement page so you can keep updated with the latest events affecting or relating to Isokratia.


The current announcement is that together with our website programmer Alex we are working on the completion go the Isokratia website . We targeted a full release of Isokratia by end of December 2005. If that proves impossible, we should be able to release Isokratia within the first three months of 2006.


My intent  is that the location of the official release to be, one of these three places: Athens, Cyprus or London.


My first choice is the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Amongst the reasons for this priority is that Democracy was born in Athens, Greece. The second reason is because I am a Greek Cypriot. The third reasons is to pay respect to the contributions to our world, made by those Greek ancestors.


My second choice is Cyprus because is my birth place. Also because Cyprus has been, divided since the invasion of Turkey in 1974. Two very peaceful communities are forced to live apart on the basis of religion and politics. As such I like to believe that Isokratia may be able to lay the Foundstone for the joining of the two communities, for the reunification of Cyprus into one peaceful and prosperous entity.


The third choice is London because that is the place where most of Isokratia thoughts were conceived and written. And also because London is an advanced culture respecting the freedom of expression.



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