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Date: 25-5-2022
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How you can help enhance ISokratia
You can Contribute to Isokratia in many ways - Your Contribution!

Those of you who agree with the principle of the Isokratia thoughts, and will like to become part of it, with your contribution, you can do so freely, in various ways. Developing the Isokratia idea further and spreading the word, is the greatest and ultimate contribution you can make. You can contribute by dedicating time and effort, for the adoption, expansion, completion and establishment of the Isokratia as the new socio-governing system in your country.

If you can afford it, and if you think it worth’s doing it and feel like doing it, you can also contribute with your financial contribution. If you believe that Isokratia offers value for money, feel free to subscribe your financial contribution whatever amount you may wish and afford to make. I put no price on this book of thoughts. I offer it for free, and I will accept voluntary contributions from those who can afford it.  To make your financial contribution click here for credit card contributions or here for bank transfers.

A great way you can contribute, is by subscribing to the free, Isokratia newsletter. You can contribute, by merely subscribing, without even having to pay a subscription fee. The electronic newsletter is totally free by email at newsletter@isokratia.com.

If we ever manage to publish a paper version, the postal version for those without Internet access, carries a printing, postal and administration charge, depending on your location. However, if you have no access to the Internet and if you are unable to meet the financial requirements, for the postal newsletter, do not worry. We will endeavor to post you all, free copies by finding sponsors to cover the postal and administration expense.

Those of you who can financially contribute on a voluntary basis are welcome to do so. Those able to, can also sponsor local areas, and poor regions by covering the printing and mailing cost, to help us distribute to those without financial means. You can contribute by finding and convincing such sponsors. Such sponsors can be you, your company, your employer, your friends your local organizations and so on. Just direct them to the web site www.isokratia.com to make their contribution direct or to our postal address. Perhaps you can convince your local postal services to undertake to post for free the Isokratia newsletter to those without the means to cover such cost. Perhaps you or  you with some other sponsors can undertake the printing and posting of the Isokratia newsletter to those without internet access.

Specialist  contributions. You can contribute by offering your thoughts and proposals to specific areas you feel you have the ability or expert input.  Isokratia points or touches many sensitive and specialist areas where professional expertise is needed . An example is the working mechanisms for the various global organizations. If you have such specialist expertise you may contribute with your thoughts on how to put  a framework for the workings of such organizations and so on. Any well-thought-out idea, or suggestion, is welcome from anyone.

If you are not a professional, remember this, you don't have to be a professor, to contribute an idea, a thought. The best ideas of course, are always derived, from the combined efforts of the heart and the mind. Lets not forget, that the mother of all invention drives, is necessity. Your necessity to contribute can be a source of many thoughts and ideas which can form the basis for further development.

You can contribute by sharing your ideas and thoughts. It could be that your thought may be adoptable as you make it. It could be that your suggestion, may provoke someone else to expand upon it. For detail discussions do not rely on me. Set up your own discussion groups and forums and advance Isokratia in your area. Send me your finalized plan and thoughts. Until you form such discussion groups, or if you are unable to contact such a group,  to share your ideas and thoughts with me, send me your thoughts on suggestions@isokratia.com or by post. Or click on the suggestions link. If you have no access to the internet you may send your suggestions to the current postal address shown in the Isokratia web pages.

When submitting such ideas and thoughts to me, I plead that you keep them as short and as precise as possible, to reduce the cost and time of examining the content. If you have an idea, discuss it with someone else, or in a discussion group. Refine it, then submit it to me. I can only promise to examine as many as it is humanly possible for me within my limitations. If the volume is beyond me, I will try and get volunteers and if necessary hire paid assistance, to help examine your suggestions as early as possible.


I emphasise that Contributing by spreading the thoughts of Isokratia is the ultimate contribution any one can make.

Translating Isokratia to other languages is another valued contribution some one can make.   If your response determines it and means facilitate it, there should be Isokratia group web sites in every language, for each of you to work independently. From my part I will welcome the help of those who can translate Isokratia to other languages. Any language translation made available to me I will endeavor to publish in my Isokratia web pages.

We need people, and the finance, to translate into all other languages. You can become a sponsor or you can persuade some one to sponsor such an activity. If you have the linguistic knowledge, you can contribute by offering to translate into your mother language or another language. Then send us the translation and we will add it to the other languages on the Isokratia website.


Let me repeat. Spreading the word, developing Isokratia further, is the greatest contribution one can make. Putting forward your suggestions for improvement, for enhancement of the Isokratia thought, is the golden, the optimum, the ultimate contribution. Informing your friends and contacts. Making them aware of the Isokratia thoughts. Asking your friends to contribute to the newsletter, which costs nothing, will give us marketing power, to gain financial advantages, to spread the word, to reach those unable to access the book, by the internet.

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