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Eastern Ocean


The target islands for this itinerary are Ikaria, Samos, Chios, Mytilini, Lesvos, Lemnos.


Ikaria has many very beautiful beaches with golden sand or pebbles and azure or emerald crystalline waters. Some of those beaches are near small rivers and others are nestled in picturesque coves. One of the most wonderful beaches of the island is Seychelles Beach, which impressive colours are reminding of a tropical place.

The island of Samos is famous in Greece for its beautiful beaches with their white sand and crystalline waters. Many of those idyllic beaches are now touristy places proposing all kinds of facilities as well as various water sports. A plethora of restaurants, taverns, cafes, modern bars, bouzoukia (clubs with Greek live music) and huge or smaller clubs playing all sorts of music can be found in the capital of Samos, in Karlovassi, in Kokkari and in the attractive village if Pythagorio. Lesvos Island has some of the most charming villages in the Eastern Aegean. They are full of warmth, hospitality, and history. Due to several occupations by foreign invaders one can't help but notice the influence of the Romans, Latins, Byzantines, Genoese, and the Turks.

The island of Lemnos is part of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands. The charms of Lemnos do not appear at first sight. But, slowly, the visitor will discover the many beauties of the island that will surely captivate him. The appealing landscape of the island, its beautiful beaches, its unspoiled and traditional atmosphere and its lakes full of flamingos are some of the various assets of Lemnos holiday.

Thassos has a very good coast road running all the way around the island and providing access to even the most far-flung corners of the shore. Wherever you stop you will be able to find a quiet spot for swimming and relaxing. Explore the coastline and discover your own favourite lonely beach.