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Date: 25-5-2022
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ΠαλεÏ?οντας με τους πειÏ?ατές
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Caretower.com is the main sponsor of the Isokratia voyage covering the whole journey from Thailand to Greece.Caretower's security software are install in all computers and network on the  Isokratia boat where they  have proved to hold to the test of bad weather, continues motion, mist and other boating effects. The Caretower name has been publicised in many countries visited by Isokratia boat and continues to enjoy publicity exposure  through the voyages of Isokratia.

Caretower specialises in IT security systems and technical services for companies and large organisations networks. Based in London and branches in Bulgaria and Ireland Caretower is a European operator with many customers including large names with over 25000 computers in their networks such as Manpower and Entek and others.

 Many local authorities and government institutions are included in Caretower's customer portfolio. CARETOWER is perhaps the biggest Anti Virus reseller in the UK. The product portfolio of Caretower includes Anti Virus, intrusion detection and preventions, encryption, spam control , manage services, Spyware , firewalls, back up and other vital security related soft wear. Caretower is enjoying top partner status with all of the major security product vendors such as McAfee, F Secure, Sophos, Trend, Marshal, Omniquad and others.  You may fid more information about Caretower and their product and services portfolio on http://www.caretower.com/

Photos of Isokratia boat
ΠαλεÏ?οντας με τους πειÏ?ατές
Voyage sponsor
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