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Date: 25-5-2022
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Chris Neophytou as a speaker or consultant for your organisation


Organizations, from private or corporate groups and political and governmental organizations, media groups and others may  hire Chris Neophytou consultancy services, as a speaker on one of their main events such as conferences, presentations and other functions. In addition Chris Neophytou offers business management consultancy and bespoke marketing strategies, sales training to commercial as well as governmental organizations.

Chris Neophytou may present on many subjects with specialized knowledge based on his wide experience which apart from  Isokratia, includes areas such as Economic activities, Business management, Sales, Marketing,  and other. Chris Neophytou will only accept invitations, for his services on subjects he believes his presence will compliment your event, and when his input can offer a value add to the intended audience and your organization. Chris Neophytou will not accept invitations to any events with discriminating content, no matter whether it is   religious, racial, sexual or any other kind of discrimination.


To invite Chris Neophytou as a speaker or  as a consultant on your event, fill in the form below and submit your request. Your request will be considered and a prompt reply will be sent. Please provide as much relevant information as possible to enable the correct consideration to your request.


To request Chris services click here to go to access the application form.



Chris Neophytou as a speaker or consultant to your event
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