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Date: 28-1-2022
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PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

0. Book ISDN - Dedication & Aknowledgement


The Ultimate Human Socio Governing System


 Copyright Chris Neophytou  2007

Published by Chris Neo Direct publishing ( CCNG Ltd )

168 Chase Road, London N14 4LH, UK

Tel: 0044 (0) 2083721000   Fax: 0044 (0) 208 3721001

www.isokratia.com                      info@isokratia.com


ISBN :  0-9525079 1 9      English Language version    First edition – Internet Edition  2007


 ISBN :  0-9525079 2  7      Greek Language version        First edition - Internet Edition  2007

                                                    Translated by Chris Neophytou


ISBN : 0-9525079 3  5      Bulgarian language version   First edition - Internet Edition  2007

                                                   Translated by  Magdalena Pashova


ΙSBN :  0-9525079 4 3         Spanish language version     First edition - Internet Edition  2007

                                                   Translated by   Magdalena Pashova


 Type set by C. Neophytou

The rights of Chris Neophytou to be identified as the author and originator of this work have been asserted in accordance with the sections 77 and 78 of the copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Printed by :  Internet  Published

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, store in retrieval system, rebound or transmitted in any form  or by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording or otherwise, for commercial purposes without the prior written permition of Chris Neophytou.


Copyright Chris Neophytou 2007

Humanity with all it’s many ailments, has developed and brought high quality of life to our world. Despite this phenomenon progress, many parts of our world, with millions of humans, still live in poverty standards. Many are fighting for their bear survival in sub existence standards. Others, whilst enjoying better living standards, are still denied the most basic of human rights and freedoms. I believe that unless some radical changes take place in the way our human world governs it’s self, the same, will be experience in thousands of years from now; I whole heartedly dedicate this book of thoughts, Isokratia,  to every human being of our world. I do so with a deep wish; A wish to see quality of life, improved drastically, for all humans in our globe.


I acknowledge and thank the help of some friends who contributed to this book of thoughts. Sofia Tsourlaki for her initial translation to the Greek language.; It saved me many hours of work. Magdalena Pashova for her double translation to the Bulgarian and the Spanish languages.  Alex Nedialkov, for his contribution in the building / programming of the Isokratia web site. Although he is on the pay roll, I know he has put many extra hours and effort working from home. Last but not least, I acknowledge the help of those before me. Those whose teachings and contributions, directly or indirectly, influence  me, in forming the Isokratia book of thoughts.  

0. Thesis Isokratia Part 1

Introduction Of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

The first is dealing with the introduction of the Isokratia thoughts and terminologies. It is essential for the reader to first read the introduction and take the key of the Isokratic thought, so that he/she can comprehend the basis and principles before entering deeper into the Isokratia thoughts.

To get the key, to this book of thoughts, you must first read the short sections under,

  • Welcome To The Isokratia Thoughts;
  • The Origins of the Isokratia Thoughts;
  • The Thesis Prior To Introduction;
  • The Spirit Behind These Thoughts.
  • What is Isokratia
  • Why care?


Further on in part one the reader will find out what Isokratia is and how in Isokratia those being governed have absolute control how they are governed.

Continuing answers are given as to why Isokratia is perhaps the most advanced socio- governing system known today. Plus why Isokratia is the only system which is as closely compatible to human nature as it can be.

Explanations are given as to which basis the Isokratia dogma based on. What is the cornerstone of Isokratia. How the Isokratia principles can be developed further. How and why Isokratia is expanding the present horizons and boundaries of human socio- governings.

In the first part is also given a small introduction to Iso-Economia. The various ways and formulas though which the interest of the free markets are operating whilst reaching a win-win situation. where both consumers and entrepreneurs gain.

Radical suggestions are given as to how, in the building of new and innovating methods, whereby the various partners of a market system can co-exist without one losing out to the other.

Part one goes on to the introduction of the global Isokratic principles. Solutions and suggestions are made as to the smooth socio- governings of the global sphere in both the political as well as the economical arenas. Radical suggestions are again put forward as to how to build and manage the various global settings. Some people especially from within the establishment may find these radical thoughts very scaring!

Further on in part one the reader will find an analysis as to why Isokratia requires some deep systemic changes in the core of our present systems. Such a systemic change will be the suggestions for the new structure and exercise of the mass media, which the author calls Iso- Media.

The reader will then find some thoughts as to the new democratisation or the end of democracy with the beginning of Isokratisation.

Suggestions are then made as to other fundamental changes required for the introduction and operation of  Isokratia.

Thoughts are expressed as to how Isokratia can be introduced and exercised in different countries whilst each system can be different.

Then it points to the conclusions of the spirits behind  Isokratia. It points as to why human society facing the 21st century has reached the points of maturity. Points of maturity, which allow human society to move forward towards the ultimate socio- governing system.

 A short analysis is made as to why the present democratic system, although it still has much to offer, it has reached it’s limitations and cannot manage with the new horizons required. It points to some of the cracks in the democratic system and how such cracks have begun to threaten even the survival of the democratic system. It rings the alarm of the dangers being faced from the weaknesses of the democratic system which enable it’s abuse and threatens the survival of human civilization.

 The question is asked whether the people will respond to Isokratia. Especially with the current very low turn out of voters at elections.

 Finally part one offers a serious challenge to the religious aspect of our civilisation. Challenging the religious leaders of all faiths as to their present practices.

 Ending part one, the reader is exposed as to how he /she can contribute to Isokratia. How each and every one can contribute to the furtherment  of Isokratia.

1. The Key To This Book Of Isokratic Thoughts

This is not a story book, nor a text book. It is a book of thoughts. As such I believe each reader must first get the key to these thoughts before attempting to travel through the Isokratic thoughts. To get the key, to this book of thoughts, you must first read the short sections under, Welcome To The Isokratia Thoughts; The Origins of the Isokratia Thoughts; The Thesis Prior To Introduction; The Spirit Behind These Thoughts. What is Isokratia.

The above are covered in just a few pages. I strongly advise the reader to read the above, before attempting to read the rest, for you may completely misperceive the messages within, or even misdirect your journey through the Isokratia thoughts.

I am well known for my misspelling, syntactic and grammar. It gets even worse as I write not in my mother language ( nor that it would have made any difference)! As I am first publishing this book of thoughts on the Internet for free, be warned that you may find drastic spelling, syntactic and grammar mistakes. I am not concerned with such. I am more concerned for the quality of the message and contribution these thoughts can provide, for the betterment of human society. I surrender such spelling and grammar matters to the philologists and the language experts.

2. Welcome To The Isokratia Thoughts.

As I sit and write this book of thoughts, I just wonder, why? Why express these thoughts? Why do I believe, we are in need of a new, better, fairer socio governing political system; A system which will lead to a safer and more humane society. A society, where everybody can truly share, in the running of their country, their region and their globe. Why, do we need a new system, through which we can minimise, if not eliminate, the abuse of power by individuals; by pressure groups, or by the few appointed, elected or not, who though may have begun with good intentions, are system lead, to act like and even become, oligarchists.
De we need a new system where the freedom and choice of the individual, is preserved to the maximum? Do we require a new integrity system, through which we can minimise, if not eliminate the suffering of the many? Do we really need a new horizon, full of hope? Do we need to bring, equal opportunity and joy, to each other, without depressing joy and opportunity in others? The answer to all these questions, in my opinion, is an emphatic YES. Yes, Yes, Yes. I Believe We Do!

3. Why bother?

Then I think of what benefit to me? Why me? Then I realise that the answer is simply, because I am one of you.  I believe that many of you out there, think alike me. Any fair human person, will agree with these thoughts. Any one who wants to be accepted, and be respected by others, will agree with the Isokratia thoughts. Perhaps many of you, don’t have the ability to express it. Perhaps the present form of society, imposes a silent inhibition, in others thinking alike, and as such, are prevented, or discouraged from expressing their similar views.

I know I am not alone. I am just one of the great majority of the many; Of you and those like you, who put values, ethics and the well being of human life, above all. To demand respect and acceptance from others and from our institutions, one must first respect and accept the others; but even more important is to accept one’s self as one of the many too.   I believe the great majority of humans wholeheartedly offer acceptance and respect to others,  by whom in return they expect their reciprocal respect and acceptance.

Why then?, Because I, like all of you, care for our world. Because I care for you, without having to met you personally. Because it gives me pride and pleasure, to contribute to our world. Because it makes me feel happy to do so. Because it fulfils me, as a person and  as a member of the global society, like it will fulfill any of you. Because I believe you and I and all the rest can benefit from Isokratia. Because we all worth it.  That is why it is worth bothering, to express the Isokratia thoughts. That’s why, I bother to share these thoughts with you. Because I am just a single spark, of the Isokratia flame, whose other sparks are all of you. That is also why you should bother too!

I am not driven by financial rewards, and I don’t care, if I don’t make any monetary gains from marketing this book of thoughts despite the long hours and expenses  invested to put to paper and publish. That is why, I offer this book of Isokratia thoughts, for absolutely free, by first publishing it on the Internet, without a charge.  At a later stage, perhaps when   this book of thoughts is made available in hard copy, through the mainstream publishing, I  may come to make a monetary gain. I don’t know. Fortunately, I am still able and work to manage my survival. My reward is the pleasure of sharing the Isokratia thoughts with you. The thought that I contribute, in my own small way, towards the advancement of human life, is the greatest reward of all. My greatest reward will be to find that you have made use of Isokratia.


4. The Origins of the Isokratia Thoughts

The thoughts behind Isokratia, began many years ago, back at the 1970s, at what is now known as the East London University. When I was writing an assessment on democracy, during my student days when I was studying Economics. However, time limitations, family priorities, earning a living, timing and the absence of the mechanism to enable the application of Isokratia, delayed me.
Above all, the need for maturity and experience, to test the thoughts of Isokratia, I felt were greatly needed. If you like at the seventies, I believed the Isokratia principles, were too ahead of it’s time for the world to see, understand, accept and implement. The immaturity of the political world, witnessed by experiences, such as the cold war, and countless military coups, which kept savaging democracy and the human spirit, subconsciously push me to shelve the Isokratic idea for a while. The absence of the necessary technology, or the failure to perceive how to apply Isokratia, was another reason to put Isokratia on hold.
Now is the time. The technological advances now make it possible. The globalisation of our world make it not just possible, but perhaps even make it a necessity too. The political maturity, of today’s democratic world including the super powers, though not complete, is at a stage where the Isokratic principle, can be understood and engulfed by the many. I just hope, that I can now move as fast as our world is moving, to finish and publish Isokratia, within the very, very, very near future. ( I been saying this ‘very near future’ since 1998 !) Oops is now nearing the end of 2004. My target now is 1st January 2005. The text draft is ready both in English and Greek. All is remaining is to set up the web side now.

5. The Thesis Prior To Introduction

I hail those before us, whose efforts and contributions have contributed to the advancement of our civilisation. Including those from whose mistakes we have come to learn from. Those known and unknown, who contributed in the betterment of life. From the simple craftsman to the highest level scientist and innovators, to our artist and academics; but most of all I hail those who sacrificed their lives, or comfort for the advancement of human civilisation. I wholeheartedly support the personal freedom, for each individual human being. Given the choice, I will always choose the enhancement of personal freedom, against the enhancement of richness. Indeed I have practiced this in all my life, sometimes at a considerable financial cost.
It is upon this thesis, that I advocate the free market, for I believe, that everyone must have the freedom, to engage in the market. It is this freedom, which has driven the human and market development through centuries. It is the same freedom, which powers today’s human civilisation and markets advancements. It is this freedom of the individual, which will keep powering tomorrow’s global society and economy.
It is this individual freedom which makes hoping possible. Without hope, humanity will be a vegetable oasis. It is this personal freedom, which drives human effort through hope. It is this freedom to hope for betterment, for life enhancement, that drove our civilisation to today’s advanced society. It is now time to enhance that freedom even further. It is now time to push forward the boundaries of this personal freedom, to expand to new horizons.
As such, I am against all forms of extremism and fanaticism, whether left or right wing; Extremism by employers, or by employees; Extremism from business organisations, or from employees’ associations. I am totally against fanaticism, from any other small, or large group and organisation, be it nationalistic, religious or whatever mask it may appear under.
However, I do not label change, improvement, betterment, as extremisms. That is why, I hail those whose efforts, will forever continue to contribute, to the advancement of our civilisation; to the betterment and joy of life. The goals should remain until full respect and acceptance of each other and each others civil and human rights, irrespective of colour, race, nationality, religious believe, social status, global location, or whatever other classifications. Similarly I do not label freedom fighters as extremist, whilst I as strongly condemn those who try to use the freedom fighting idea, for any other reasons or aims.
Whether we like it or not, there is no such thing as a 100% free market. There are and there will always be, regulations governing the market behaviours. Positive regulations, have been proven to be absolutely necessary; Both, for the protection of the market players, be it entrepreneurs or consumers; But even more important, and necessary if you like, for the protection and safeguarding, of the market functionality; for the protection of the weak; for guarding against the human ailments and weakness such as greed. As such, when I refer to free, or open markets, I will always be referring to markets, with the minimum, but sustainable, positive intervention, by the state and global organisations.
Therefore, I believe that governments, governmental corporations and partnerships are a necessity, providing protection to the weak; providing services, such as the non profit orientated communal services, to those in need for such services. I believe, that government participation is absolutely necessary, for the globalisation of both, the future socio governing political systems and the economy.
I believe, governments should and can ensure the smoothness, in tackling economic problems, for some remedies, can be very painful to some. For example, I would rather see a problem like inflation, reduced in five years and make it smooth for the weak, rather than reduce it in one or two years and create millions of homeless, and unemployed. Some politicians have done this in many countries and others will continue to do so, if given the absolute powers the present governing systems allow for.
I am of the opinion, that all governments and international institutions policies, addressing global problem solving, must have as much heart in them, as it is possible, in any remedial measures, they may be administering. I see no harm, in mixing a bitter flavour medicine, with a sweeter flavour, in the form of care for the weak and vulnerable

6. The Spirit Behind These Thoughts

I have chosen the name of Isokratia for it’s combined meaning. The Greek iso, which means equal, and krato, which means hold. Therefore the meaning of equal hold. As I mentioned earlier, I am well known for my misspelling. However the use of K for Isokratia is correct for it is K in the Greek Alphabet as well. In any way, please feel free to spell it in any which way you like. I believe the essence of writing, is the meaning of the message within the writings, not the spelling or grammar format or calligraphy.
This book of thoughts never assumes to be perfect, nor superior, for it is based only upon today’s knowledge, yesterday’s understanding and only a vision of tomorrow, based on current perceptions. For this, I command all, who can help improve and take this idea of Isokratia further, to come forward with their contributions. You can find out how you can contribute in later pages.
The Isokratia thoughts vary not, from the teachings of all good doctrines including religious faiths. However we will not be dealing with the religious aspect in these pages. I choose to leave the religious aspect, to the experts, with a challenge; with an invitation. An invitation, to recognise and finally accept that, irrespective of whatever faith one follows, or practices, the religious principles, are based on the same values. Respect, acceptance and love of each other. An invitation not to restrict acceptance, respect and love, to only those within the same faith. An invitation, to banish such faith boundaries. An invitation to not just lead, but allow people to expand their wings of love and respect and acceptance, to those who may follow or practise different faiths.
The spirit of the Isocratic thoughts, whether political or economic, is founded and based upon the beliefs of equality, which by default, is made up of the most precious of life’s qualities; The qualities of love, acceptance, respect for each other; irrespective of religious following, race, sex, status or geographic locations. The spirit of the Isokratia thoughts is based upon, the principles of development and continues improvement for the betterment of humanity.
When I say equality I always refer to the real equality of each human individual, not the miss interpreted meaning which the communist systems tried to give. I am talking about maximising the equal opportunity, the equal human rights, the right to equally participate in the decision making of the socio governing of a society, equal respect, appreciation and acceptance.

7. How Did I Arrive At The Above Conclusions?

Apart from my Economic studies and wide entrepreneurial experience, in my search for understanding the inner thoughts of humans after qualifying I practiced as a Hypno-Psychoanalyst for a number of years in the 1990s, in Enfield Town as well as in the famous Harley street for a short period. During my practice I had the privilege to work with some extraordinary personalities who seek my help in their efforts to free themselves from a wide variety of psychological ailments, which inhibited their lives.
In nearly all cases from the mildest to the most severe, which sometimes even brought suicidal behaviour, the causes were very simply a combination of lack of love, lack of understanding and lack of acceptance of the person involved. Sometimes it will only be a misperception by a person that he/she was lacking love, acceptance and respect. Non the less the ailments and pain were the same.
As such I am convinced that the same causes / ailments which bring about immense psychological suffering to an individual, bring as heavy a bearing to a group of humans be it a family, local, national or global. Group. Therefore I can easily argue that if we maximise the level of love, acceptance and respect of each other within the group of human society, then that group of humans will be happier, healthier and able to expand their horizons beyond their presently inhibited abilities and perceived capabilities. All we have to do, is offer that respect and acceptance to each other. One way to do that is to accept each other’s right to participate in the decision making process that governs their lives.

8. What Is Isokratia

Isokratia is a new socio governing, politico economic system, which enhances the governing structure and co-existence, of humans within the human societies; It does so by placing the actual decision making directly on the hands of the public. Based on maximum acceptance and respect of each other’s rights in a social group, Isokratia offers an advanced system, upon which the human members of a society, can share in equal participation, in the decision making process, which governs that human society’s functionality.
Isokratia is a truly advanced socio governing system where-by the decision-making is totally placed on those being governed by such decisions. Under Isokratia those being governed, are in control of how they are governed. Whilst those governing as we know them now a days, become mere representatives and executioners of the true wishes of those being governed.
Isokratia is the most advanced and perhaps the ultimate, in human socio governings known today. At present and possible for a long time to come, Isokratia is the first and only socio-governing system which touches the human nature. I believe that Isokratia is as close a socio-governing system has ever come to the human compatibility.
The equal share and participation, in the decision-making, is the inner core of the Isokratia system. Isokratia calls and requires that all citizens, have the right to and if so choose, to voluntarily vote on each and every rule and regulation that governs their lives; be it a local, national or global issue at whatever intervals is required. The Isokratia socio governing system places the absolute decision making power, directly into the hands of each voting member of a social group, be it local, regional or national level.
The Isokratia principle, is based on the human need for the maximum freedom of the individual and the acceptance, respect and love of each other and each other’s rights, irrespective of race, colour, sex, religious or social status.
The freedom of each individual, to develop and grow is at the core of the Isokratia system. These Isokratic values, must be taught within the family, within schools, within churches. The family is the major weapon, with which news can be spread; for the respect by each member of the family, for each of the other members of the family. In turn, by each member of society, for each of the other members of society, local, national or international.
Under the Isokratic system, when it comes to socio inter governings, the servant or inferior kind of behaviour, will no longer exist. Everyone will have the same influence and say, in policy making, irrespective of whether such persons, are members of a ruling governmental committee, a ruling political party, or just ordinary politically unaffiliated members of society.
I can see a time ahead where people will accept each other on equal grounds, irrespective of colour, race or religion, monetary power, political influence. I love to see a time where there can be a black President in the United States, an Isocratically elected, white President in South Africa. I can see a time where people will gain office because of their values, their expertise, not because of their colour sexual, or ethnic origin. I like to see more often than untill now experienced, women prime ministers and presidents. Perhaps soon the first USA woman president. Obviously I am referring to Hilary Clinton (kind of cute girl).
I can see a time where nationalistic extremism, will be minimise if not disappear. The Isokratic principles make it possible for the ethnic identity to gain ground, by respecting each other’s ethnic identity. I can see a time where we will all come to be, feel and behave, as true global citizens. The Isokratic system lays the foundations for such respect and acceptance of each other.
Through Isokratia, I can see a time where in one church house, various religious sectors, can share in Sunday, Saturday, or daily Mass. Isokratia can lead to events where followers of different religions, from Buddhist to Islam, Judaism, Christianity and others, can join together, with a common morning Mass. Isokratia paves the way for the world’s religious leaders to bring the faithful to accept each other’s faith without hate, and killings on the name of one religion, or another.
Isokratia builds upon the advancements made by Democratic system. However Isokratia surpasses Democracy and it’s flaws and pushes the frontiers of human society governings, to new unexplored horizons beyond present known boundaries. Apart from the Isokratia Politica, Isokratia also deals, with the economic field, with Isokratia economica, as well as the Global field, with Isokratia Global. Both the economic and global aspects whether we like or not, are interwoven with any socio governing system.
Isokratia Economica, is the method of applying the Isokratic principles in the workings of the open market. In so doing Isokratia economica ensures the benefits to both, the entrepreneur and the consumer. It brings the interests of the two closer. As such Isokratia economica offers protection and secures the survival of the open market system.
Isokratia Global, combines the Isokratia political with Isokratia economica and extends the principle to the Global dimension. Isokratia Global, offers suggested solutions for the smooth governing of the Global political and economic arena; It ensures equal decision making participation, by all the nation members of the Globe, as well as all the Global citizens.
Isokratia Global highlights areas for thoughts, but also suggests solutions for the compacting of Global political and economic problems. The aim of Isokratia Global is the betterment of Global decision making, for the great benefit of all Global citizens. An example of such a suggested solution is the Isokratia call for the Iso- Currency. A single Global currency, which I believe could lead to the elimination of many catastrophic upheavals, as experienced within the present multi currency system.
The setting up of Isokratia requires some radical changes in the present form of many of our social engineering and practices. One such change is the introduction of what I call Iso-Media, which will be explain in detail in later pages.

9. Isokratia (Neo-Democratisation)

With the technology available to all citizens, to exert their vote even on a daily basis if required, every issue should be voted upon. The same can be implied to central and local governments. Dictatorial rule, by the elected representatives and the few appointed ministers and officials, will be eliminated, at all levels, local governments, national central government and the Global governing institutions. Under the Isokratic rule, everyone will have the right to vote on all the issues.
The new world, will be accustomed to more frequent general elections. The ability to conduct a general election at any time will be real, without any additional cost. The definitions of such inter workings can change and adopted until the best formula is found. Leaders and parties could be given, for example, a minimum of one year before a vote of confidence can be called against them; Provisions can be set for all governing cases and incidents; This can be developed accordingly to each country, as the people of each country wish and decides by Isokratic voting. We can then learn from each other country’s Isokratic practices and continue to evolve Isokratia to the optimum state for the benefit of all.

10. Isokratia Mechanics

How to execute and administer the Isokratic system. The technological advancements of the 21st century, have reached a state where they are well capable of inventing, or extending existing technology, which can enable each individual citizen to vote on every single issue; vote on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly, by-weekly, monthly, or whatever other time scale, the Isokratic citizens decide to.
The World Wide Web with the Internet connectivity, spreading and fast becoming available to every household, is an example of such a present technology that can be utilised. Existing hardware and soft ware technology, such as those used for the lottery, are one example of available technology, which can be developed and adapted for the frequent voting system, called by Isokratia. Encryption technology such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and other, by tailor made adjustments, can be incorporated to be applied to maximise security and privacy and guard against vote tampering. An Iso e-voting system can spring up within existing technology available to us.

11. Levels Of Application For The Isokratic System

Isokratia can be applied equally successfully to the smallest group of people, as well as the largest groups of people. Even to the largest groupings of groups of people. From the neighbourhood group, to the local, regional, national government and the international and global arena.

12. Conclusion Of The Spirit Behind The Thoughts

The human race has evolved and progressed to the present day advanced civilised level, in both human knowledge, human relation, scientific and technological advancements, only because of the need and ability to group together. As well as the need and ability, to share knowledge and work together with other groups humans.
At the beginning, it was the need to group together to hunt or defend as a group, against gigantic prays and threats, from such preys, which were beyond the ability of a single human being. Later humans will group together, to defend territory, be it a camp, a village, a city or a country. A basic need, which to this day like all animals, we humans are still practicing. A basic need which we humans will for ever need to practise. A basic human nature feature which we will continually be developing for the benefit of human society. The need to act as a group. The need to be part of a group.
The rule of strength, gave rise to the first governings of such groups. The strongest ruled the family unit, then the camp, the village, the groups of villages. Later the rulers became those who can master strength through, position, monetary power, the ability to master groups of soldiers, which became armies and gave rise to the monarchs; who in turn became rulers, and sometimes emperors, claiming kingdoms with kings and queens based on pure hereditary grounds. Instead of their abilities to govern or their approval by the people.
As humans became organised in groups and fended against survival, along came the skill specialisations; but most important of all, came the rise of another important human need. The need of self-respect and equal acceptance, by the rest of the humans in the group. The same human need for group strength, and the need for respect, acceptance and love by each other, drove the human progress, to higher and higher levels of civilised behaviour and relations. The same need caused the uprisings of those whose rights were abused, who sacrifice their lives, for a hope of betterment of human socio governings, on equal grounds. Those to whom we owe the freedom and standard of living we enjoy today. At least in some part of the world, for many still do not enjoy these freedoms, human rights and standards of living.
These same human needs, drove the ancient Greeks in Athens to develop and practice the first modern socio governing system, which incorporated the need for strength; the need for acceptance and respect for all the members of the people within that group or society. The system was called Democracy. It was the first system, according to which the citizens of a city, or state, will have equal say, by participating in the decision who to became their representative leader; who became the governor of their group and their state for a set time scale. We must distinguish between the meaning of the word Democracy and what was and is used for today.
Democracy is dried from the combine words of ‘demos’ which means public and ‘kratos’ which means power. ( ‘Krato’ also means holding) As such the meaning is the public holds the power. However the use was and it is to elect a representative οr representatives with various governing powers.
The members of the Athenian group, were given the right to participate and decide with civilised means and without the use of force, as to who will lead them; who will represent their best interest as a group. The first steps towards a system, which gave the people of each city, or state, a say, a partial participation in the decision making process in relation to the socio governings of their society. Instead hereditary or dictatorially imposed governing individuals.
The Democratic system, instantly became a threat, to the then supper power, the Persian Empire. Despite attacks by the titanic numbers of soldiers, against the tiny and highly vulnerable state of Athens, the inner qualities of the Democratic system, enabled the Athenians to make crucial collective decisions, which resulted in the their survival; This also means the survival and spread of the democratic system. The same system, upon which the so called free world is basing it’s governings today. The same system for which many of our ancestors around the world sacrificed their lives for us to enjoy that rights freedoms and standards we enjoy today.
Though quite some thousands of years ago the system is till practiced today in a very advanced state than that originally perceived and practised by the Athenians; (although I must sadly admit that the system is stilled not enjoyed by many in our today’s world society). The democratic system has evolved, modified and advanced to the present day forms, as practiced in different countries. The democratic system has served the human society very well.
I can say that democracy, is the single most important factor, that can be credited, as the main contributory force, which has enabled the human civilisation, to progress to the present civilised state of society. The main contributory force, to today’s level of advancement, of humans and the human quality of life. Witness to this, is the indisputable fact, that today’s advanced superpowers, in both economic and technological advancements, are all countries with long history of Democratic practice.
Though I believe that Democracy has still a lot to offer to mankind, I believe that today’s human frontiers are beyond the capabilities of the Democratic system. I believe the flaws within the Democratic system, have begun to be a threat to the survival of the Democratic system itself. Even more, I believe that these same flaws of the Democratic system, are even a threat to the survival of the human race.
I believe so, because advanced Democratic countries, with supper power status, under the present system, pass absolute power to a single person, or a small group of persons. Through our Democratic system, single persons and small groups of people, can amass powers which gives them the ability to inflict, immense, and irrevocably catastrophic and un-sustainable blows to our world. Such powers I believe not only are dangerous, but I deem them no longer wise, nor acceptable within the human civilisation, for we have seen how imperfect we humans are.
For this I believe that today’s human society, is in great need of a new governing system. A new system, well advanced and beyond the capabilities of the democratic system. I believe that present day human society, is in need of a system that builds upon the foundations of Democracy, but also takes us to new socio governing horizons. A new advanced system, without the ailments and limitations of the Democratic system. A new system, which can enable the advancement and improvement of human life.
Human society facing the beginning of the 21st century, has now reached the maturity levels required, to spearhead forward to the ultimate governing system. The optimum system, which can help govern the human society at all levels, in a more compatible manner to human nature. A governing system not vulnerable to human weakness and imperfections. As human society moves closer and closer into full globalisation, the need and requirement for a new advanced socio governing system, becomes even more and more apparent.
This book of Isokratia thoughts, provides suggestions, as to the how such an advanced socio governing system can be born, adopted and build upon. This book of Isokratic thoughts, provides the foundations, the suggestions, required to build the new advanced socio governing system.
Another important contribution made herewith, is the invitation for input thoughts, by whoever may care to do so.
I invite and challenge all the readers, to enter the journey into the Isokratia thoughts open minded and without any inhibitions. Every one of you, can share in the development of a better governing system, for the betterment of human society. This advanced governing system I call Isokratia

13. The Need For Isokratia

I absolutely agree with George Soros and believe, as expressed in his book Crisis of Global Capitalism presented in 1998/99, how the Global Economy situation is untenable. How Global Society, demands drastic changes and measures, to avoid the painful upheavals experienced time and again, causing suffering to billions of people through economic misery.
I believe it can only be corrected by a global society on both fronts; Global economics and Global politics. The economic empires and economic colonies, which we have witnessed in the last millennium, will eventually be if not of equal standing, to a more evenly balanced level. Part of this will inevitably be achieved, through the forces of open market. Full achievement though, can only be reached, through the combined human efforts and actions of all the nations. Nations need to be working closely together, for the betterment of everyone around the globe, not just the few. One nation’s activities even if they are taken at a remote corner of the globe, have effects on many other nations and eventually on the nation which has undertaken such activity, be it political or economical.
As such, I believe that we need and must cultivate a global society, where the individual balances a behaviour of self-interest, with the wider interest of other persons around the globe. A society, where each individual, is ready to stand up for these principles. Stand up against whoever may be depressing these principles, be it another individual, a small group, a religious organisation, or a sovereign state. It is time for the human race to rise up in support of the basic human rights principles, in both the political as well as the economic arenas, in a global scale. Stand up against those who oppress these principles, be it a friend, our own state, another, allied or not. Individuals standing up alone or in groups of thousands and even millions can never complete the much needed global tasks. Alone they can never bring about the means for the betterment of the global society.
The major ingredient to enable and complete such global betterment is the participation of each nation. As such each and every one of us we must aim at getting our own nation, state, to act and behave with the same rules, justices and programs and actions. We must aim at getting each country’s foreign policies, political, economic, environmental, to be of a global context policies; not just for the benefit of the single nation/country.
This gives cause to the rise of a need, for a truly global political system. I believe that this need has now arisen. To have a truly global political system is not enough. The present decision making institutions, whether in the representative Democratic systems, or the autocratic, authoritarian, dictatorial closed societies, are not capable of bringing about this change to an open global society. That’s why I believe the need for a new 21st century compatible politico-economic socio governing system, has mature and such a new system is imminently required.
The present decision-making institutions are driven and influenced by personal interest, profit motivation, and nationalistic prerequisites. A truly open global system, cannot be administered, in a dictatorial manner, by the might of the few economic powers. Nor by the dictatorial regimes, or those few autocratic decision makers, who gain absolute powers, through an elected representative system, such as the present form of Democracy.
The decisions I believe, must and will eventually be taken at the lower level, by the full participation of the ordinary members of the global society. The likes of you and me and every citizen. For this to be achieved, an advanced politico-economic system, is necessary. This is the system I put forward and I name Isokratia.
I believe, that in some ways, the first stones have already been laid, in the foundations of the Isokratic system. The great electronic revolution, of the World Wide Web, is already allowing people across the globe, both access and influence, over global events. Voices have begun talking, with the global language.
I quote from Mr Soros: “To stabilise and regulate a global economy, we need some global system, of political decision. In short, we need a global society, to support our global economy.” I will say that, “As much as we need a global system, to support a global economy, we equally need, an open global economy, to support a global political system. As such we are in an even greater need of a global politico economic governing system.”
It is my belief, that we need a political system, which can easily synchronise national and international politics and economics, in the global arena. A global system, where all members participate in the decision making. A system where each person, is involved in the decision-making of both central and local policies. Where everyone participates in both, the national and the global day to day issues. A system where as much autonomy, is given to local areas, and safeguards the individual freedom without promoting egoistic tendencies. I am of the opinion, that this can only be achieved through Isokratia.
As the wise and the Dalai Lama says “We are all individual wholeness. But at the same time, each individual wholeness is part of a greater wholeness.”

14. Will people Respond To Isokratia?

Before publishing, I shared the Isokratia thoughts with a few selected friends from all walks of life, from laymen to solicitors, bankers and other scientists young and old of both sexes. Inviting constructive criticism and comments. The main comment I received from all is that today’s people are too layback; Today’s society are too busy to be concern with a new socio governing systems. Some even gave up reading the whole thesis.
Indeed I felt extremely disappointed with their common comment. They are however absolutely right. Especially in today’s world in the advanced states. In the advanced economies, the public is too busy trying to maintain or increase their standards of living. Too busy with work and outings. They cast their votes from one party to another every few years; Some don’t even bother to exercise their voting rights. In undeveloped and religious doctrines countries the public is fighting for survival often misguided by their representatives and rulers and as such the right to vote is a non essential luxury for which they have no time for.
Whether a citizen of an advanced economy/democracy or an undeveloped country, the last thing the citizens want is to be involved in a change. Even more when this change is radical and may upset the few ruling individuals and groups. We can accept the fact that the great majority of the global citizens today have grown to be apathetic towards the governing system and governing individuals. However all the more of a reason for me not to give up and for the rest of you change apathy with empathy. The key is the answer to the question of “why have today’s majority citizens have become apathetic a to the socio governing system or individuals who govern their affairs?”
The truth is that today’s public have become apathetic, because their views have been systematically abused by today’s governing systems. People know that it will make no difference. Irrespective of who comes into power, irrespective of the method of gaining power, be it elected, appointed or inherited, it will make little if no difference to the public.
Once the elections are over, the common statements read, “ It is no longer for the best interest of the public” and “ now it is for the best interest of the country to abandon a pledge program in favour of a new plan of opposing values”. This constant abuse by the democratically elected dictatorial regimes have inevitably lead people to the present day of apathy towards the concern of our socio governing system. This apathy is one of the resulting effects of democracy or one of the ailments of the democratic system which can bring the end of the democratic system and perhaps the destruction of our world as we know it.
However I strongly believe that once the public establishes the fact that under Isokratia their view and vote will matter, their apathy will be washed away. Once the voters know that the governments will have no choice, but to execute the wishes of the voters, then they global citizens will mind and will become actively involve and participate in the decision making by casting their votes. As the public confirms that the decision making power lays with them and is not longer the prerogative of the governments/governors, whose functions will be executive rather than governing, the public will become active and participate in the socio governings of their lives.
The current belief, which I also believe to be true, that “it will make no difference whoever is governing” will no longer be true under the Isokratia system. The public will know, that under Isokratia, their vote will make all the difference; The public’s decisions and choices will count. In time the lay back approach and indifference will change to a joyful and proud participation.

15. The Religious Invitation

Irrespective of whatever religion, or religious origins you may be part of, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hindu, or whatever other religious doctrine; Irrespective, of your location on this globe. No matter whatever your colour, race, sex or status, society is rapidly moving to globalisation.
Faith can no longer, be kept by fear. Fear of punishment by God, the Church, or the clergy, is no longer attracting people to religious principles and behaviour. To the contrary, such fear-based policies and advocations are pushing people away from the religious aims, which to my understanding are none other than, love, mutual respect and acceptance of each other.
Religious leaders must open their doors for the believers, without the fear of punishment. They must try and evolve, with the evolution of new society, or risk becoming the clergy of only the very, very few. Religious leaders from all faiths must get together and remove the barriers to each faith, which have menace humans for years.
Demolish the faith barriers which keep humans apart. Remove the religious causes, which keep humans fighting and savaging each other for thousands of years now. Jointly offer the teachings of love, equality, and mutual acceptance for all. Begin first by teaching the love and acceptance of all fellow human beings from al other faiths. Only then, you the clergy, can truly call your selves the sheppards of your flogs.
Fear, may act as a weapon to enslave people. Fear is also the birthplace of hate and aggressiveness. For fear of God, many have brought savage suffering to other humans. Fear always leads to aggression. Aggression is not part of human nature; Love is human nature. Aggressiveness is weakness; Love is strength. Aggression is to be cowardly; Love is to be brave. To love, respect and accept each other, is to be human!
Become part of your flock, not just the autocratic rulers of your flock. Stop pointing the finger, at the members of the flock. Stop joining the voices of those who ask, “Look what religion has done to the people”. Rather begin to ask, ‘what the people, and especially you, the clergy, the politicians, and the rulers, have done to religion and faith’. It was you the high rankling clergy, the kings, queens governments who used or rather abuse the various religious doctrines to justify the entering into campaigns of catastrophic war s against citizens of other religions. Some of you are ready to do the same today.
As for my own stance on religions, I am no different, from any other average person on this earth. Whether one is convinced, there is a God or not, whether we like it or not, religion is meant to promote love, fairness, equality, co-existence, respect and acceptance of each other. As such, I believe that religion must be taken seriously into consideration, and must be watched over by all, including the flock. I do not judge someone, by how often he/she visits the church or temple. I judge them by their actions and the feelings they nature in their hearts for others including all those of dissimilar religion, colour, race, group.
I am proud to say that I have set up a church from scratch, at some considerable effort which is still thriving and serves the local community. This is the church of the twelve apostles in Brookman’s Park in Hertfordshire in the UK. I have experienced at first hand, the human weaknesses, of both, the clergy and the followers. I have experience the weaknesses and strengths, which stem from the same people. We are all weak and fallible. My call is, ‘Let’s drop the hypocrisy and keep genuineness. Let’s drop mistrust and keep trust. Let’s drop jealousy and keep joy in others and admiration. Let’s drop hate and keep love. Let’s stop savaging each other for belonging to a different faith and lets help each other to treasure humans of whatever faith.’
As an example I dream of organising the building of the first multi religious temple / church. My vision is of a rounded οr polygonic building each section beginning from the inner centre to the outer parameter of the building to house one faith. One triangular section for the Christians orthodox another for the Catholics and whatever, another open plan for the Moslems, Jewish, Hindus, Buddhist use one building fore their prayers. Each section to be assigned to one faith but all to be in an open plan. Each faith can have certain hour of the day for their service /liturgy. Perhaps once a week have one joint service / liturgy where all the faiths can pray together. A project to look for in the future.
This is my challenge to the religious leaders of today and the future. Brake the barriers of faith. Teach the loving of all irrespective of their religious faith.

16. You can Contribute! Your Contribution!

Those of you who agree with the principle of the Isokratia thoughts, and will like to become part of, with your contribution, you can do so free, in various ways. Developing the Isokratia idea further and spreading the word, is the greatest and ultimate contribution you can make. You can contribute by dedicating time and effort, for the adoption, expansion, completion and establishment of the Isokratia as the new socio governing system in your country.
If you can afford it, and if you think it’s worth it and feel like it, you can also contribute with your financial contribution. If you believe that Isokratia offers value for many, feel free to subscribe your financial contribution whatever amount that may be. I put no price on this book of thoughts. I offer it for free, and I will accept voluntary contributions from those who can afford it You will find how to in the Isokratia web side www.isokratia.com.
A great way you can contribute, is by subscribing to the free, Isokratia newsletter. You can contribute, by merely subscribing and without even having to pay a subscription fee. The electronic newsletter is totally free by email at newsletter@isokratia.com. If we ever manage to publish a paper version, the postal version for those without Internet access, carries a printing, postal and administration charge.
The postal version for those without Internet access, carries a printing, postal and administration charge depending on your location. However, if you have no access to the Internet and if you are unable to meet the financial requirements, for the postal newsletter, do not worry. We will endeavour to post you all, free copies by finding sponsors to cover the postal and administration expense. Those of you who can financially contribute on a voluntary basis are welcome to do so. Those able to can also sponsor local areas, and poor regions by covering the printing and mailing cost, to help us distribute to those without financial means. You can contribute by finding and convincing such sponsors. Such sponsors can be your employer, your friends your local organisations and so on. Just direct them to the web side www.isokratia.com to make their contribution direct or to our postal address. Perhaps you can convince your local postal services to undertake to post for free the Isokratia newsletter to those without the means to cover such cost.
You can contribute by offering your thoughts and proposals to specific areas you feel you have the ability or expert input. Any well-thought-out idea, or suggestion, is welcome from anyone. If you are not a professional, remember this, ‘you don’t have to be a professor, to contribute an idea, a thought’. The best ideas of course, are always derived, from the combined efforts of heart and mind. Lets not forget, that the mother of all invention drives, is necessity. Your necessity to contribute can be a source of many thoughts and ideas which can formed the basis for further development.
You can contribute by sharing your ideas and thoughts. It could be that your thought may provoke an expansion upon it by someone else. However do not rely on me. Set up your own discussion groups and forums and advanced Isokratia in your area. To those who may like to share your ideas and thoughts with me, send me your thoughts on suggestions@isokratia.com or by post if have no access to the internet to the current address shown in the Isokratia web pages.
When submitting such ideas and thoughts to me, I beg that you keep them as short and as precise as possible, to reduce the cost and time of examining the content. If you have an idea, discuss it with someone else, or in a discussion group. Refine it, then submit it to me. I can only promise to examine as many as it is humanly possible for me within my limitations. If the volume is beyond me, I will try and get volunteers and if need be, hire paid assistance, to help examine your suggestions as early as possible.

17. I emphasise that Contributing by spreading the thoughts of Isokratia is the ultimate contribution any one can make.

Even better though, you can set up your own discussion groups, and develop Isokratia further, promote Isokratia to your area independently of any involvement by me. If your response determines it and means facilitate it, there should be Isokratia group web sides in every language, for each of you to work independently. From my part I will welcome the help of those who can translate Isokratia to other languages. Any language translation made available to me I will endeavour to publish in my Isokratia web pages.
Let me repeat. Spreading the word, developing Isokratia further, is the greatest contribution one can make. Putting forward your suggestions for improvement, for enhancement of the Isokratia thought, is the golden, the optimum, the ultimate contribution. Informing your friends and contacts. Making them aware of the Isokratia thoughts. Asking your friends to contribute to the newsletter, which costs nothing, will give us marketing power, to gain financial advantages, to spread the word, to reach those unable to access the book, by the internet.
We need people, and the finance, to translate into all other languages. You can become a sponsor or you can persuade some one to sponsor such an activity. If you have the linguistic knowledge, you can contribute by offering to translate into your mother or another language. Then send us the translation and we will add it to the other languages on the Isokratia web side

18. Fast Track Major Contribution by those brave enough who will engulf Isokratia first

You can contribute by lobbying your local and central governments representatives to adopt the Isokratia thoughts. You can contribute by helping your political party, to adopt the Isokratia decision sharing principle. You can contribute, by campaigning for the acceptance of the Isokratia thoughts. Fighting from within a political party or other organisation for the adoption of Isokratia is a fast track action.
If you are a party activist you could be doing your political party a big favour by proposing to your political party to adopt the Isokratic system; for if your opposing party adopts Isokratia first your party may for be push to the sidelines for ever. That is exactly what happened in the early 19th century to the then governing Liberal party in England when it fail to adopt the new social policies which would have engulfed the Trade Unions and the public at large. The Labour party came in and adopted these social policies. As a result even after nearly a century later the Liberal party in Britain is still today a minority party; whilst the Labour party are back in power with landslide majority for a second term now.

This 10th draft was re-started on the 1st of January 2004 and finished on the 17th of January 2004, when I combed and altered the Greek Translation which was done by Sofia whom I thank.

PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions
PART 2 Isokratia Political
PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics
PART 4 Isokratia Global