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Date: 3-7-2020
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The Global problem today - PART 4 Isokratia Global

It would not be stretching it, if I say that financial crisis may eventually sweep away, the global open market / capitalist system itself, as we know it today. As we have seen, it has happened before. Yet humanity needs the concept of open society now, more than ever before. The problem facing us all today, is that we are building a global economy, without a global socio governing political system, to support such global dimensions.
To stabilise and regulate a truly global economy, we need some sort of global governing system, of decision-making; In short, we need a global society to support our global economy. That is where Isokratia Global comes into play. Isokratia is the new global socio governing system, which would allow global political decision making, to match and serve the needs, of the global economy; whilst simultaneously meeting the needs of a truly open global society.

If you like, we need a political / socio governing system, which synchronises national and international socio governings, relevant to central and local policies. This can be none other, than the Isokratia Global system. We are fast moving to a global society, with a global economy. A global society with a global economy needs universal values, to hold it together. The Isokratia system, the principles of which can be applied at all levels, fulfils that requirement. The present day socio governings of representative democracy, is fast becoming incompatible with open society and especially globalisation.
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