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Date: 4-7-2020
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Globo Phobia Or Global Economic Imperialism Phobia. - PART 4 Isokratia Global

We have seen the reaction of activist groups demonstrating against globalisation. Yet these groups are made up individuals from a large number of various countries. This means that these demonstrating activists, formed a global group. In effect we see a globalise group demonstrating against globalisation. It somehow sounds odd. Why?

The international policies, priorities and actions of today’s national democracies are dictatorial and often expansionist. To some extend today’s international policies camouflage what many label economic imperialism, through which results indirectly to a political imperialism. As such we see extreme protest taken by a global groups, because they fear not globalisation, but they fear of being taken over and exploited by the few economic powers. Be it governments, group of governments, or the powerful multinationals.

Though I do not agree with some of the tactics and extreme actions recently practised from both the protesters and the police alike, I understand the concerns and fears of both sides. The anti global activist, do not fear the global citizen, nor the global public. What they fear are the policies of the few, which have as primary concern, the national interest of the few and not he wide interests of other nations and the global citizens. Sometimes at the expense of other nations and the global citizen.

We are witnessing on a daily basis the harmony, with which individuals of various ethnic origins, religious believes, sex, colour, work together for their common interest. I can very proudly state that in our company (Caretower Ltd) which is run by me and my two sons, we employee people of all religions, colours and nineteen different nationalities. Out of about 40 personnel we have 20 nationalities, nine or more religious faiths and multi colour.
Greek Cypriots
Turkish Cypriots
Latin’s South American
South Africans
Even Cuban Americans
Religions: Christian Orthodox, Catholics, Anglicans and Methodists; Muslims; Jewish; Hindus; Buddhists; Singh and may be more.

All working together in harmony with earning our leaving as our common interest. For those who say that different ethnic, religious or colour groups, cannot act together, I say look at the above group. In the absence of interference by political and religious leaderships, they can live and work together. Everyone being proud of their ethnic, religious and colour identity; whist simultaneously respecting everyone else’s identity. Everyone co operating with each other as team members and colleagues. as members of the global society.
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