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Date: 3-7-2020
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Citizen Versus State – Universal Rules Of Engagement - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The time has come for all of us, in the so-called free or democratic world, to assist and guide the rest of the world in joining, in at an equal level. Universally valid rules of engagement are needed to govern the relationship between states. Safeguard the rights of the individuals, wherever they may be, whichever state they may belong to, poor or rich, weak or strong, alley consider or not.
We do not look to look far to confirm that something like this can be done with great success. The European Union and it’s steady expansion, is nothing different from what I am calling for. A group of countries whose relations and socio-governings are getting tighter and tighter; Their aim being the equal rights at both the country level as well as at the individual Euro citizen level. Just visualise and see the same happening at the global arena.
Perhaps the time has come for society to be mobilised, to impose principles of behaviour on the states, who act on behalf of the citizens. An example here is the influence of the Greenpeace Organisation, which has spread along the international arena. The global mobilisation of the same shared values, have achieved world-wide recognition, of the need and cry of the global citizen, to protect our environment. Not just for one’s own country but for every one else’s country.
Unfortunately now in the absence of a global socio governing system with universal values; In the absence of the right of the global citizens to decide with their votes, on the acts and policies required for our globe, such as the matter of global ecology, we see drastic, and some times extremist measures taken by groups whose sole intention is the prevention of the destruction of our globe. If and when Global Isokratia is establish, the global citizens will make the decisions with their global votes. Under such practices, there will be no need for any group, to resort to extremist acts and behaviours.
Under Isokratia, the global citizen will have a system by which it can assert political control over the ruling national governments. Isokratia lays the grounds for society to be mobilised to demand changes in the behaviour of states, towards both their own citizens and the global citizens, outside the single states borders.
Isokratia offers a true basis for society, to amalgamate into a harmonious, global political society; into a system where the true people’s wishes govern the people’s lives. Similar to the national Isokratia, under the Globally Isokratic world, the people will assert direct political control over their governments, at a national and international level.
When Isokratia Global is established, as it evolves, it will find ways to overcome the obstacles posed by national sovereignty. The pursuance of common interest, in the global society, will force the innovation of solutions, on how to overcome such obstacles. The democratic dictatorial style of government, with civil servants behind the formation of foreign policy will eclipse in time. Just take a look at the European Union. Steady move away from the ethnic sovereignty and democratically dictatorial regimes.
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