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Date: 3-7-2020
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Heads America wins VS Heads America looses - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The reason for this, is because occasionally, the USA can be seen as an aggressor, either from their specific actions, or from the lack of action, or refusal to take actions in other cases. I believe the burden levied on the USA, on both the political as well as the economic arena, it is presently stretched to perhaps unsustainable levels. Such a wide and heavy burton can drive Americans to abuse that power against other weaker nations. Americans are fallible humans too, like all of us.
Unsustainable in all fronts from materialistic, financial, technological, but most of all on human nature weakness, for any single country even a super power, to carry such burden. I believe this state of affairs is as unjust on the USA, as is unjust to the rest of the world. What more I believe it is also dangerous for the Globe;
Dangerous because if the USA resources come to be unable to cope, then the gap left in their withdrawal, will be too big for even some groups of nations to fulfil. As long as we practise democratic dictatorships of upsolute power, the risk of such acts, responses and gabs will become greater and greater. Like all other countries America is practising dictatorial democracy where a single person is given absolute power.
Such gaps, can be an extremely dangerous vacuum for our globe. On the other hand as America bears the role of the global policeman, their actions are increasingly becoming bi-responsive. Each and every act gains the support of some nations, whilst simultaneously the same actions are denounced by other nations. This bi-responsive nature I believe produced both the terrorist acts of the 11th of September, as well as the response in recent developments after the September 11th.
America under the Isokratic system, would become proud, appreciated and loved by all, for it’s role around the world. The Isokratic system offers America and the rest of today’s powerful, or shall we say influential nations, the opportunity to lead the world by being a true partner of that world. The opportunity to practice the same rules, same rules of engagement and same codes of practice, in all cases, in all matters concerning internal and external affairs. The Global Isokratia can remove the burden of responsibility from the shoulders of America.
The opportunity to react or respond, the same way with the same measures, towards inhumane acts, irrespective whether such acts come from allies or not. Most of all, Isokratia offers the opportunity to lighten the burden such as the one America bears currently in the global arena. As such it eliminates the dangers of global dictatorships being developed. It also eliminates the hatred many people bear towards the Americans. Who knows it could even vanish the terrorist acts against America and the American citizens which we witnessed and which are constantly threatened at present. Global Isokratia will enable the American voters to dictate to their governing representatives, their Global rules of engagement.
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