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Date: 8-7-2020
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Home Principles And Policies Contradict Foreign Principles And Policies - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The present loose international system allows and sometimes even drives, the United States and other leading countries, to behave contrary to their home principles. For instance, the United States was one of only seven countries, which voted against the international Codes of Justice. This was because the US Military objected to its personnel coming under the international jurisdiction; because a group within the US objected to have the same measurements and codes of practice applied to their own citizens. Other countries that voted against international Codes of Justice were China, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Catan, and Yemen.
Nearly all these, are countries which the USA is fighting their dictatorial regimes and leadership. What an irony. The then governments and governors of these group of seven countries, choose to ignore the global rules of engagement governing the international codes of justice. I believe such acts are indeed a sad state of affairs for the human society. As such we have a lot to overcome as humans living on this globe.

Under the present socio governing systems, be it democratic or not, countries have drifted into the habit of dictating foreign policy, based on domestic considerations; Some times based on considerations to please and influential voters; Sometimes totally ignoring the home citizens and their responses. A small example here is the over stretched trade embargo on Cuba by the US, which some say, is aiming to please the Cuban voters of Florida. So we don’t go into the many examples by many countries which are still practice on a daily basis.
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