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Date: 4-7-2020
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International Affairs And Policy Making How To - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Similar to the national level Isokratia, we can expand the same Isokratic principle to the global arena. The Global citizens will be voting for global issues. Then the corresponding global Isokratic governing body, can execute all such decisions.
Organisations can and need to spring up, with real global powers. Powers above the national governments. Powers to oversee the execution of the global citizens voted decisions. Powers to put forward proposals as to the global governings, to be truly elected by the population of the global citizens and family. Such organisations will become the executive instruments, with full imposing powers upon the instructions of the global citizens.
Some of the main or primal areas, which need to be addressed on local, national, regional and global levels are; Military security, Policing, Economic, Finance, Trade, Education, Health, Environment , Social, Crime, Transport and Research. Poverty, Development. All major issues. All vital issues. All issues requiring global input. All issues which if not addressed, correctly, will find today’s world, unprepared to sustain our globe in either political or economical terms, not to mention the military terms.
The necessity for such global organisations, are never meant to be of interventionist nature, where progress will be hindered. Their nature will be of preventing disasters. Protecting the freedom of the global citizens. Safeguarding the global citizens from economic, political and criminal exploitation. Supporting the global human society. Supporting the global economy. Front running the development of the world; aiding those left behind to catch up; helping relieve the misery around the globe with long term solutions not just momentary sweeteners; help avoid disasters man made or not; help alleviate the suffering of the weak.
We are today 4th September 2002, facing a challenging issue. The issue of terrorism and countries supporting terrorism. America if need be is ready to go it alone without any UN involvement to make sure that Iraq’s Sadam Hussein does not come to control weapons of mass distraction.
The world opinion is split between those fearing the eventuality of Iraq possessing nuclear weapons and those withholding the principle of the United Nations Council. A punishing dilemma for many. How many global citizens will vote to see the USA even on it’s own go in to topple Sadam Hussein? How many global citizens will vote against any outside intervention in Iraq?
If eventually the decision is to invade Iraq, would it not be better to know that such action is the result of the global citizen’s vote? Would it not be better to have a clear mandate? Would it not be better to have global military organisations to take such actions on behalf of the global citizens, instead of a single country governed by the a democratic system which allows dictatorial powers to the governors of a country. ( WE came to 2004 now and the invasion of Iraq has been materialised. Catastrophe in Iraq deepens day by day despite the toppling of Sadam Hussein. And yet the global society is still split. Anyway the Iraq matter is out of our subject and I will not enter into a discussion of the merits of the case.)
I have visited Iraq in 1979 and tasted first hand the hospitality of the Iraqi people which I found second to none. The pride and civilised culture which in areas surpassed that of the advance western world. I witnessed an Arab country with full parliament and full voting rights to women. A state of affairs brought about by Sadam Hussein. I have witnessed the metamorphosis of a revolutionary who fought to topple the monarchic system, to slowly drift into a monarch himself. I witnessed the result of upsolute power granted to a single man by the voters, turn a socialist revolutionary to one of the most feared dictators of our present times according to the press.
We have witnessed democratically elected representatives turned to democratic dictators. We have witnessed global affairs were the outside world had to intervene to stop ethnic disputes become global catastrophes by such democratically elected leaders who turned dictatorial in their governing. Serbia and Kosovo are still open global wounds.
These are prime examples why we need not just to move from the democratic system to the Isokratic in national frontiers, but even more important in the global frontiers. The national level Isokratia will prevent the forming of dictators. The global Isokratia will control and address the global arena
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