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Date: 8-7-2020
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Setting up the Global Isokratic machine - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Many organisations are already in existence, and can be used as the true basis of global society, and global government. The United Nations, the Security Council, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). All we need, is to put them on the right track, the Isokratic principle, develop then give them the necessary powers, to make proper use of them.
The Security Council, with a few amendments, such as open membership to all the members of the United Nations, can be very well designed and structured. It can be very effective in imposing peace, if given the chance. The global security threaten by periodical pockets of locations around the world, can not be the sole responsibility, nor the privilege, of the handful of present member states of the United Nations Security Council. Our global security can not rely on the few with the military muscle, whose governing systems promotes absolute and as such dictatorial power, or absolute power under the umbrella of the Democratic.
When the Security Council, opens the doors to the rest of the world, not to the privileged few with military power, then it can be called the United Nations Security Council. With the recent end of the cold war, I believe the global society, is provided with an excellent opportunity for the Security Council to become an effective, peaceful global organisation, without any veto powers. Veto powers are the end before the beginning of any such organisations and any organisations for that matter. The new constitution and voting system adopted by the European Union can be adopted and build upon to form the voting of a wide membership Global Security Council.
The United Nations could become, more of a real global government; with legislative sponsoring powers, adopting and implementing rules and regulations, sponsored by nations and global citizens, which are Isokraticaly voted by the global citizens. How the voting system operates in relation to United Nations, could be developed and defined. The majorities required, to qualify UN global rule and regulation can be set. Whether is two thirds of the population, or of the UN council members, or a combination of both global citizens votes and UN council members, or any other formula, it can be easily achieve. A viable system can evolve to an optimal status, once the beginning is made.
In a global Isokratic UN, each country’s UN representative, will have to cast his country’s vote, as elected by that country’s citizens under Isokratic voting. No government will be able to cast a vote contrary to their citizen’s votes. Under such Isokratic UN, no powerful nation will ever be allowed to influence, by reward or pressure, member governments, to vote one way, or another. The present system of pressures, bargaining and exchanges of favours between states, is degrading to the human integrity and an abuse to human rights.
Countries who do not abide by their UN commitment and fail to accept the UN regulations, qualified by the majority, will have to be excluded from the global society coalition. Terms, regulations, codes of conduct, and rules of engagement, will be set for the common benefit of the global society. I believe that the present human society, has reached the necessary maturity levels required, to join in common acts, for the benefit of our globe and the global citizens.
I am of the opinion that with Isokratia Global, the people can bring a global open society into existence. This can be achieved by both, non-governmental organisations, that can act together and by the voting power of the single citizen through national and global governmental organisations.
Under the Global Isokratia, the sovereign states will be forced to co-operate. Public opinion in civil society will result, or bring about the Isokratic model, in both the national and the international arena. Because politicians at the end, will have no choice, but to respond to popular demand. The alternative is for them to be ousted by the popular vote. Which voter will vote against his human right, to have a true say, on all the acts of the socio governing mechanism that he is govern by at both the National as well as the global level.

I believe that today’s global citizens, will engulf and support any principle that has, as it’s inner core, the benefit of human citizen, wherever they may be located, based on equal judgement; Based on the same rules, on same policies and rules of engagement.
Today’s advanced democracies lay the foundation for Global Isokratia to flourish in both the National and the Global arena. The presently elected representatives, can provide the lead in mobilising public opinion. The coalition of like-minded leaderships, from elected representatives to whole countries, will provide the foundations for the building of Isokratia. In turn, this will instigate the beginning of the creation of a global society.

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