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Date: 3-7-2020
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Global Military Security. - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Control of a global Army formation. How to handle an attack from another country. How to contribute to the defence of military weak countries, against a threat or attack, by another military superior country. I am not a military specialist, however the questions above do not require military expertise. Such decisions and plans of actions can be left to the experts, once a decision is made for an action to be taken.
What we need to be concern at this level is the mechanics upon which the instructions or orders to such a global army will be reached. How to place those decisions directly into the hands of the global citizens. How to avoid having one or two persons with absolute power around the world, to bring catastrophe on our globe on a moment of human weakness and antagonism. How to prevent such situations from ever arising again.
I believe, the initial solution, will be through the formation of effective regional, as well as international military organisations, which will come directly under the control of a global UN government based on Isokratic voting. Pre-define functions which will require any orders from the Global government to have been passed through an Isokratic vote by the Global citizens.
Other solutions can be found until Isokratic system is adopted by all countries. Perhaps initially, the voters for such matters to be a large selected representation of voters from each country. Perhaps the selection of such representative voters to require certain credentials; credentials can be of a mature age above 21; plus minimum levels of education, or any other pre requirements. I am only speculating for only the beginning, the transitional period, until is made possible for all global citizens to have their say. I am aware that there are regions in various countries around the world where the Isokratic voting will not be possible for some time. We can find solutions for such problems.
A solution option on the Global military force, could be the formation of two global military organisations, governed exclusively by two United Nations Military Ruling Committees. In turn such committees could be govern by a truly global United Nations Isokratic Government.

The first U N Military Conflict Investigating Committee will have the sole role of examining, investigating conflicts and recommending policies and actions to the global citizens to vote on. The global citizens votes, will then be the final mandate and decision of this committee. The global citizens voting can be the whole or randomly selected citizens from across the globe, as I mention earlier or any other formula.

The second UN Military Action Committee will be the pure military organisation. This military organisation / committee will only have an executive role. It will only execute the wishes of it’s global citizens, as expressed through Isokratic voting. Such a global military power machine will not have the power to instigate wars, or attacks, or interventions, unless specifically authorised by Isokratic vote, from around the globe, or the region affected if it is just a regional affect matter. Once given a mandate by the UN Military Investigating Committee, the UN Military Action Committee, will be able to take the action mandated, even if that means invading a relegate country.

Both UΝ Military committee organisations to be manned by persons selected from all countries. Furthermore these organisations to have the pre-mandated powers to refuse any action which was not mandated by the global voters. Details of the workings of control and activity of these military organisations can be developed for the maximum, functionality, security and best interest of the globe as a whole.

NATO can be modelled to develop such a UN Military formation, for that matter has served as such a regional military organisation. The EEC are forming their own regional defence organisation. However we have witnessed how NATO as well as other ex regional organisations like that of the Warsaw pact were driven by the two major countries controlling them. The USA controlling NATO and ex USSR controlling the Warsaw Pact. Why?

Why are we witnessing the formation of an European armed force? Because we have seen the abuse of NATO, in some extent for political reasons. As long as the possibility exists, such powerful organisations will be abused. What guarantees we have that in a few years the newly formed European Arm forces will not be abused for the benefit of those within and at the expense of countries outside the EEC club.

Would it not be justifiably arguable by other groups of countries to form powerful military pacts. The Arab world, the African countries, Asia, Latin America. What then if conflicts of interest between two such supper military groups spark a war? What if such organisations fall in the hands of one or a group of fanatics, brainwashed to achieve such control from a young age?

What if one religious group be it from west or east, or far east, see it as their religious duty to destroy another religious group to preserve their philosophies? These scenarios seem extreme in the twenty firs century. Never the less they are possible. As long as one or groups of countries are left out of the global family such scenarios will always be possible.

The Global Isokratic principles will eliminate this possibilities and the possibilities of abuse. Under Global Isokratia , the decision making, is taken away from the individual leader or leaders of a country or group of countries and is shared amongst all the nations of our globe. Under Isokratia the decision is taken away from the career personnel, civil or military, and influencers and placed directly into the hands of the global public.
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