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Date: 4-7-2020
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Intervention VS Inaction - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Such elimination, of power abuse, will not be beneficial only to those abused, but to those who may be the abusers. For though we may criticise the USA and classify as an abuser, for taking advantage of events, to pursue their own interest out of such events, like many will argue to been the case of the Gulf war, we must also ponder and ask ourselves; ‘What would have happened, in the region and perhaps the globe, if the Americans and the Gulf pack, failed to act’?

If such failure was seen as a green light for nations to attempt to redraw the borders, then whole regions could have erupted in military conflicts. With the burden no longer leaning on one country, or a small group of countries, no country will be open to accusations of abuse of power. No single country will have to bear the cost of preventing catastrophe around the globe.

What are the dangers ahead if the USA backs out from taking direct action to topple Sadam Hussein? Now during 9th draft 4th January 2003 US and British forces are ready standing by).

What are the dangers of escalation if the USA does go it alone in invasive military action against Sadam Hussein? Whichever the final decision, there will be heavy consequences in our globe. If the Americans do not act we could soon witness a biblical catastrophe in the Middle East region, if indeed Sadam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction and uses them.

If the Americans go it alone the rest of the world will live in fear until the American presidents come under the direct mandating votes of their citizens for all their actions. If the European countries are members of NATO why are they moving to create their own exclusive arm force excluding the Americans? Because they fear that they could be subjected to threats and blackmails by the Americans.

Until America adopts the Isokratic system the rest of the world will be in a state of uncertainty. Who knows may be the nuclear disarmament will be reversed to nuclear race again with more and more countries eventually becoming nuclear powers, adding to the existing threat to our globe. Do we have to witness a biblical catastrophe to take action?

I am fully aware, of the devastation and injustice sometimes done by such interventions by powerful nations. Many who were in favour of the intervention in Kosovo case, they opposed the action only because there was no mandate from the United Nations. As a result both sites involve in the conflict were left to suffer heavy death tolls because it was a rush- rush operation lacking the official support of the international community.

I am also fully aware of the injustice and devastation caused by the inability, or unwillingness to act in other cases. I am one of few, who at the twenty fist century, in a European country, I cannot visit my birth place. I can not go to the home I was borne at Famagusta in Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean; The reason is because my town Famagusta is under Turkish military occupation; only because the super powers, failed to take preventative action in 1974, as that taken in the Golf war.

Even now after 20 (now 28) ( now 29) years of Turkish occupation, the superpowers are still failing to take corrective action despite numerous United Nation and Security Council resolutions. Perhaps the Cyprus case has help the superpowers to learn and avoid making the same mistake in the case of Kuwait and Kosovo.

Yet having said that Cyprus could have been a learning experience. In the absence of an effective and powerful global organisation, Cyprus a tiny island, remains divided since 1974 despite numerous United Nation and Security Council resolutions calling for the withdrawal of Turkish troops.
This is despite the fact that the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot citizens have no animosity towards each other. Despite massive rallies on both sides for a peaceful solution.

I have Turkish and Turkish Cypriot friends and employees for many, many years. I share fun moments with Turkish persons in my local Salsa dancing club. I employ both Turkish and Turkish Cypriots for years and we work in harmony. If there was an Isokratic vote tomorrow I guarantee you that 99% of the Turkish And Greek Cypriots will vote to re unite the Island. Witness to this is the 17 Ethnic origins and multi religious, multi colour environment in my present family company which includes Greeks and Turks. There are many more alike.
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