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Date: 4-7-2020
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The Alternative Can Be Dreadful - PART 4 Isokratia Global

I am a person on the receiving end of the abuse of power by the strong against the weak, in the absence of effective global organisations, which indeed is the present state of world affairs. Yet, I truly dread to see a state of affairs, where the present superpowers acting as global policemen, refuse to play that role. I believe that we must make the best of what we currently have, even if it means the likes of the USA, British, Russia, NATO, or others, in pursuing their own interest, they periodically abuse the system with unfair, or unjust policies and actions to some of those involved. Because I dare say that I dread to imagine the alternative. However we must never stop fighting for a better alternative. Isokratia National and Isokratia Global offer such an alternative and perhaps a final solution.

The richness of the Isokratic global system, is that no single country member, will be allowed to abuse the system in favour of their own interest, or in favour of a close ally. At the same time no single country will have to shoulder the sole, or the major responsibility. Individual countries, will be stripped of the power to act outside the United Nation’s global Isokratic government.

Do not think for moment that advanced economic powers even such as that of the USA is outside the reach of the rest of the globe. Like every other country the American economy is based on imports and exports. A trade embargo from the rest of the globe against any economic power can be catastrophic for those governing such a country who may bring about such an embargo upon their public.

The Global Isokratic scenario, will be even more beneficial to today’s super powers, for they will gain in popularity. In addition they will share with the rest of the world, any expenses in monetary as well as human cost. For example the USA & the UK would have had to bear much less such cost and would have been , saved from all the accusations of bias and abuse of power, if the United Nations have mandated their actions in Kosovo. All America and Britain had to do, was to go through the right channels. Obtain the mandate from the United Nations. Choosing to ignore the right channels, made their saviour actions unauthorised and to some extent aggressive in nature.
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