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Date: 4-7-2020
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What You Can Read About in Part 4 - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Global Political Arena

We all got used to speak about globalisation always referring to the global market, the global economy, the trade, the financial transactions. Part 4 of Isokratia also deals with the foremost important factor. The global human society.

Is  a global society  in formation? If so is  a global political, and socio governing system required. A socio governing system, which can support the rise of the global society.  Isokratia Global lays the foundation upon which a global system can be build for the benefit of all.

What is Global Isokratia . Can the same Isokratia principles, be extended to the global cybernetics (governings)?

Quoting from George Soros the Crisis of Capitalism; “Market forces if they’re given complete authority, even in the purely economic and financial arenas, produce chaos and could ultimately lead to the collapse of the global capitalist system.â€?  

With economic globalisation we are witnessing economics of scale without a major element. The element of politics of scale. Isokratia part 4 asks the question whether a global  political system of scales is required. It begins the discussion on this hot issue.

Could it be possible that a global financial crisis may eventually sweep away, the global open market / capitalist system itself, as we know it today? Could such a crisis change things from what we now know them to be?

Do we need a political / socio governing system, which synchronises national and international socio governings, relevant to central and local policies. IS this the answer?

Globo Phobia Or Global Economic Imperialism Phobia? Who is afraid of globalisation. Why? Are they justified? What are they really afraid of? Are they afraid of the global citizen. Even the supposed anarchic groups when they demonstrate against certain policies they come form many different countries. If they come form different countries joining in a common cause what is the matter they are afraid of?

Citizen Versus State – Universal Rules Of Engagement

Isokratia Global begins the discussion by asking if the time has come for all of us, in the so-called free or democratic world, to assist and guide the rest of the world in joining, in , at an equal level.  Universally valid rules of engagement; IS this what is needed to govern the relationship between states.

Is it time for society to be mobilised, to impose principles of behaviour on the states, who act on behalf of the citizens. Isokratia lays the grounds for society to be mobilised to demand changes in the behaviour of states, towards both their own citizens and the global citizens, outside the single states borders. 

Isokratia global begins another big discussion in part 4. “Organisations can and need to spring up, with real global powers. Powers above the national governments. Powers to oversee the execution of the global citizens voted decisions. Powers to put forward proposals as to the global governings, to be truly elected by the population of the global citizens and family. Such organisations will become the executive instruments, with full imposing powers upon the instructions of the global citizens.�

 How a Global Isokratic mechanism can be set up. Views and ideas put forward. Contributions invited.

Is the setting up of a Global Military Security force a solution or part of an acceptable solution? Can it succeed? What are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages to our  global world and individual states? The future possible model of military defences for small states.

Military Industry Versus Global Demilitarisation. What Lost of investment? What loss of work for employees of the military industry? Nonsense! Open Your Eyes Military Industrialist. There are much bigger opportunities for you out there.

Global Courts – Global Police. The need for a global police force, backed by global courts is here. Global courts outside the influence of a single country; Outside the influence of group of powerful countries.

Single Global Currency is another radical call by Isokratia. Why? What for? To whose benefit? Who will win who will loose from the introduction of a single global currency?  Is it possible? Another big discussion is starting by Isokratia Global.

On the global issue, do we act now or never? The question now is when and how do we reach the global authorisation needed for a global economy to work in a stable manner?  Do we leave it and hope for the best? DO we leave it to the present group of 8 economic powers and their discretion?  Do we strengthen the present international financial institutions?  Or do we scrap them and introduce, truly globalise authorities, policies, and means such as the single global currency.

Abundance of global issues that need co coordinated efforts and policies for the betterment of humanity. Global health, global education, global transport, global employment, global resourvces especially the important human resource; These  and many other  burning issues are touched upon by Isokratia part 4.

The globalisation of consumer buying power. The new phenomenon gaining momentum.

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