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Date: 3-7-2020
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USA Specific - PART 4 Isokratia Global

I feel it will be unfair not to mention something about the USA, which I must admit, I was surprised to learn my self. Surprised, because we all came to see the USA, in one way or another, as the bully of the world. Sometimes justifiably, because of the actions from the likes of Henry Kissinger the ex US Foreign Secretary, who wholeheartedly supported brutal dictatorships around the world with his humanly unsustainable geopolitics, at times even acting against the laws of the USA governing such actions.

Unfortunately due to past USA history, or actions as the above example, many people around the globe, have a negative view towards America, when it comes to the question of Democracy. Many people know little about the American efforts to promote Democracy. Fully justifiable as the USA openly supported military governments, in a wide spread of countries. Even worse, when we know that USA foreign policy butchered democratic systems and leaderships around the world and replace legal regimes, with illegal dictatorships such as Greece in 1967, Chile and so on.

Even more so, when we know that in some countries American foreign policy, still supports dictatorial regimes, or Democracies run by the military behind the scenes, like Turkey and others. Perhaps the biggest reason why many have a negative view of America and it’s efforts to promote democracy, is the American’s failure to inform people around the globe, of their efforts to promote Democracy.

Many will be surprised to learn of USA efforts to promote Democracy and free and fair elections abroad. Many will be surprised to know, that many argue and demand that the USA must stop trying to promote elections in shaky Democracies, for such fair elections could produce illiberal leaders or even help ignite ethnic conflicts and inevitably fall apart.

There many cases even in very recent times, where the US involvement, guidance or pressure, has been the predominant factor in Democracies being established, expanded, or prevented from falling apart. Last year ( by now a few years ago) in a magnificent manner elections were the key element in democratic transitions on several continents. In nearly every case, the USA was the primary supporter, or sponsor of such elections.

Mexico with the election of Vicente Fox is such a clear case. The result was a break through with the transfer of power to democratic government after a 70 year rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party. American efforts to bring Mexico into the North American Free Trade Agreement was one of the main levers of pressure on the Mexican political elite to go ahead with liberalisation.

In Serbia Elections were the stepping stone in the removal of the Democratic elected turn dictator Slobotan Milosevic. It was only the strong resistance and behind the scenes pressure by the Americans which forced Milosevic to accept the peoples vote and admit defeat.

On the other continent in Peru, a similar fate awaited the authoritarian Alberto Fujimori who attempted to hold in power for a third term by muscling in the elections. Again the driving force behind the international community and the Organisation of The American States whose actions resulted in Democracy being upheld, was the USA.

Ghana is yet another such case were the United States played a positive role, by facilitating the promotion of the December 2000 elections which brought the peaceful, and orderly end of dictatorial rule by President Jerry Rawlings. The first ever American President Bill Clinton visiting in Ghana in March 1998 paved the way for the delicate process of democratisation.

There are many other examples. Yet the genuine commitment of the USA to the democratisation of other countries remains as critical as ever. The world will like to see much more such USA democratisation sponsorship across the board, to countries allies or not ,with the American foreign policy. That is why I believe America has a prodagonistic role to play in first engulfing the Isokratic model and then by sponsoring Isokratia across the globe.

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