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Date: 8-7-2020
Countries & future projects
South America

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Military Industry Versus Global Demilitarisation Lost investment? Nonsense! Open Your Eyes Military Industrialist. - PART 4 Isokratia Global

We hear how some laws are passed and others are rejected, in the pretence that demilitarisation would create unemployment and economic downturn. What a great fallacy! Those in fear of losing investment and employment, such as the military industry need not fear. Yes, the creation of effective global military organisation/s, will allow a huge decrease, in military spending around the globe by national states.

Yes, countries coming under the protection of the global military organisations, will need not spend on their defence, the huge budgets that they now do and which most cannot afford to. Huge amounts, which they may now spend on their defence budgets, will be saved. Small, or shall we say weak countries, will be able to obtain managed military services, from the global military machine, at a fraction of what is costing them now to maintain their defence.
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