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Date: 3-7-2020
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Global Police & Global Courts - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The policing of internal borders can continue to be as it is and continue to improve, until one day our world will no longer require borders. Until one day freedom of movement and location, will be a global right, with no restrictions. Lets face it. Why do people migrate? Only two reasons. To escape political / military persecution, and for better standard of living on economic reasons. Some of us to get higher education in the absence of such vital facility in our birth place. Every single immigrant whatever the reason behind the move to another country is dreaming of going back home. Every single immigrant will not have emigrated if the basic humble needs of survival and education were available in his own country. Perhaps when we reach a state where human standards of living are more or less equal around the globe, there will be no need for migration and as such no need for border controls.

The one area, where greater policing is continuously needed, is the global arena. At the doorsteps of Europe, and all over the world, we have witnessed organised crime, from terrorist groups, to drug trafficking, money laundering, and lately even sex slavery, to have truly global powers and effects. Similar to a global military unit, a global police force needs to be set up, with full powers, to enforce the law around the globe.

A global police body, directly employed and controlled by the Global UN Isokratic Government . Not the half-baked co-operation between state controlled small units or individual officers, who more often than not fight to establish who will be the star of the show. We can learn from the Americans who use a similar system, with their Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI has powers on a national level, superseding the police powers of individual local member states. These same, or similar principles, can be used as a basis and expanded upon, to cover whole regions and eventually the globe. I invite the experts to come forward with their suggestions.

We are all aware, how present police forces are undermanned. How they have to justify the high expense of sending officers chasing around the world, when they are short in the home front. How slow and under performing the Interpol activities are. How nearly in a routine manner, the investigators arrive too late. How in some countries, underpaid police, are prey to criminals, who pay them not to be at certain places at certain hours. This is not just in countries the like of Albania, or some remote part of the world.

The need to go away from having to drain already under man police forces, is a fact. The need for a global police force, with real powers, endorsed by all the nations. A global police force, under the direct control of a global Isokratic governing body, grows by the hour. There is an abundance of human resources in every country. More than three quarters of the labour force around the world is waiting to be trained and put into useful and meaningful production. All we have to do is invest on the available human resource.
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