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Date: 3-7-2020
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Global Courts - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The need for a global police force, backed by global courts is here. Global courts outside the influence of a single country; Outside the influence of group of powerful countries. True global courts under the control of the Isokraticaly elected Global United Nations Governments. Global courts, with powers to punish not just individual or groups of criminals, but criminal governments and government members engaged in criminal activity. All we have now, is a selective process, where a politician can take cover in a number of countries.

Even in the severe cases of criminal acts of war atrocities, prosecutions are selective and only administer when popular vote can be gained. For same or similar war atrocities, some are glorified as heroes, whilst others are prosecuted as war criminals, according to popular vote credits and domestic considerations.

The only reason the principles under the existing policies and international courts, are applied selectively, is the absence of a global governing system with effective powers to act on the mandates of the global citizens. Therefore the need for a truly global police force and a global court system, is indeed greater now, than in any other time.

This need will continue to grow in a one-way upward trend. Isokratia Global makes it possible for such a global police and court force to be built, away from the control or influence of single country or small group of countries. True Global police force, with true Global courts, out of the direct or indirect control, or influence of a few states, is the way forward to global peace and global stamping on criminal activities.

A global police force requires global courts to back them up. With the emergence of global economy and global political system, global courts, are fast becoming an absolute necessity; Not just for compacting global terrorist and criminals, but also to rule on cases where activities spread cross country borders.

Such an area is the newly emerging e-commerce and online electronic activity. With the continuing globalisation, global issues will inevitably continue to arise, which will require global courts of justice to deal with. Individual countries, will have to face global courts, for their misconduct and abuse of human rights and any other global issues, such as trade, economics, environmental and other issues.

The Lockerbie bomber’s trial, is a near example of global dimensions. The victims were made of multinational origins. The crime began in a number of countries, and it just happened over the grounds of another country. The victim’s and their countries, demanded a court in the area of the disaster in Scotland. The accused, which came from Libya, rightly demanded a neutral country and courts to judge upon the case. The whole case, is of a multinational character, taking near global dimensions.
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