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Date: 4-7-2020
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Global Bank - Global Currency - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Yes a central global bank, with a single global currency, will kill many ailments of the present system. On the financial organisation front, George Soros has put forward some brilliant ideas as bases, which have never been taken on. Others have voiced similar views. Perhaps it is time to do so. I am of the strong belief that a single global currency, will end the currency speculation and contribute to a more stable economic climate around the world, whilst simultaneously it could prevent painful upheavals in some parts of the world market.

Weak and small economies, will no longer be at the mercy of the few strong countries; or even at the mercy of financially powerful individual organisations; Weak economies will not be a prey of even single persons for that matter. Countries undergoing a weak economic times, will no longer be open to abuse, by those who master the economic powers.

We have seen how even George Soros a powerful trader in the currency arena, admitted, that as long as the system offers the opportunity, some one will used it to profiteer. If is not him, it will be some one else. The solution is to prevent such cases to be open to abuse; To prevent such powers to be amazed by a single individual, or organisation over the currency of a state or even a group of states. Abandoning the multi-currency system and adopting a single global currency will certainly eliminate this threat.

Past experience tells us that we cannot leave it to the individual countries to fend for themselves in the international financial markets. Because as identified by many field experts, financial markets are inherently unstable under the present system. They need supervision and regulation. With that, I mean healthy supervision, not deterring supervision, nor politically motivated manipulations and interventions.
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