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Date: 8-7-2020
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Global Education - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The Global Isokratic principles will follow the betterment of services such as education as well. Global, national, regional, local; Combined and independently, always based on the vote of the member citizens, for the offering of equal opportunities, for the encouraging and cultivation of talent and excellence, out of which eventually everybody benefits. The findings of our forefathers and the innovations of the individuals have not benefited the innovators only. They have benefited all humanity.

Through education humanity, reached today’s advance stage in both technological, and behavioural terms. Education continues and will continue to be the flare of development; The inner core and foundation of the advancement of our world, of our civilisation. Through education, we have seen the development of talent and invention, which fuel today’s high standards of living. Through these innovations by single persons, or by research groups, the whole of the globe and mankind has benefited.

At least in parts of our globe education was and will always be the number one major factor contributing to development and advancement in all spheres of life. I say at least in parts of our globe because there are still many parts around the world, where education is scarce and only available to the few privileged. Privileged only in financial terms! There are still many places where education is only the privilege of the few with the economic means. Don’t let your mind deceive you by travelling only to the third world undeveloped countries. Even in advance western economies it costs a fortune now a days for someone to go to University. Thousands of brilliant brains do not make it to higher education.

Some countries like Bulgaria have adapted their university educational system so that bright young can continue their studies whilst taking up full time jobs. Still better than nothing. However these students ( who are the great majority of the Bulgarian students) are forced to study for twice as long periods for the equivalent diploma for which an English student can obtain within three years.

We as humans have just tap at the outskirts of human natural talent and ability. To cultivate, develop and take advantage of the talent available, we need to encourage it. We need to cultivate it. But most of all, we need to make it available to all, not just the few, for ingenuity is the preserve heritage of the rich minded people nor the rich countries, nor the few rich families.

The human resource, has proved to be the most important in all means of production. The input by the human resource is the driving force for the development and advancement of our civilisation. As such education must take precedence, over all investment. Investment in the human resource, will always be the most vital cause of advancement and betterment.

The vast majority of our scientist come from the masses not from the few privileged rich boys and girls who have access to special schools and private tuitions. The vast source of this human input is still uncultivated. Vast talent goes wasted in our globe. Such talent can only be cultivated if we invest in a global education system. ( I hear many say “ he is gone crazy asking for more and more global institutions and ideas”)

Similar to voluntary services by Doctors and nurses who offer their services to deprive parts of our globe to help where there are great shortages to hospitals and trained doctors and nurses, We can start by setting up such High schools and universities around the globe. Both governments and private sector can sponsor such activities. I am sure that a great many number of academics will love the offer their services in exchange of just the chance to be away for a few years. A global organisation setting policies and directing activities in a global format is of the up solute necessity now a day.

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