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Date: 4-7-2020
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Global Research - PART 4 Isokratia Global

We have seen how the cost of research, has acted as an obstacle in advancement; not just in poor countries, but in even the advanced economies. Innumerable examples of inventions, which have been taken over and made possible by American institutions. Even inventions from advance countries such as the UK and Russia. The Americans are reaping those rewards. And deservedly so, since they were responsible for bringing to live, many inventions which laid in shelving for many years in other countries. Many inventions, which enhanced human life around the world. Ha is why the Americans worth to be congratulated in this aspect.

Space research, has demonstrated the need for close co-operation, between the super powers. Even during the times when they saw themselves as adversaries. We witnessed the USA and the ex Soviet Union, embarking on joint projects. Ironically, each country initially will only authorise such high spending, under the military umbrella or justification.

We need more. Much more of such co-operation, not for a military purpose, but to push our development frontiers further out, for the benefit of mankind. We need much more scientific and research co operation in a global level; Not just between the few countries, but between many countries across the globe. Global search, direction and help, is required, to harvest our know how and expand it for the continues development of mankind.

The globe, is in great need of many remedies, from disease cures, to industrial advancements. The solution is to establish global research units. To allow the development of talent, which can invent and produce solutions, to our global problems. Global needs are abundant. Education, health and environmentally friendly energy are such top priorities.

Energy is amongst the top urgencies. Our globe’s energy reserves are fast being depleted. Without such energy, present life quality, may not be sustained. As such the energy issue is an issue in need of urgent global research. The need for a new and environmentally friendly form of energy, is gaining momentum. Such research should not be headed only by commercial institutions with limited resources. Nor by the few advance countries for they have their limits too. Such research should be a global affair.

We are in desperate need of energy which doesn’t cost a fortune like it does now. Speculation of war in Iraq and the rest of the world have to pay higher oil prices. It has reached laughable status to rely on just oil as the major energy source especially when we know that is a depleting resource. We need energy which can be as close to zero cost as possible.

Even in advance economies such as that of the United Kingdom, at this moment and time of the advance age, thousands of old age people, die every year, because they can not afford the energy cost to run heating in their houses during the cold winter months. In other countries, people die of heat strokes, during the head wave summer months, because they cannot afford the simple pleasure of cool freshness, produced by air conditions.

We seem to have invented the means, but we can not afford them. Basic needs such as energy, should have a cost of insignificant amounts. A cost affordable to all. If you ask me it should be excluded from taxation purposes for that matter. The Americans again lead the way helping their industry and economic activity by maintaining low cost oil and petrol prices. Can we not learn from each other?

The heavy grouping of the oil producing countries can generate economic upheavals with catastrophic results around the globe. Remember the familiar phrase of imported inflation during the 1980s economic crisis? A crisis which went on for some years and spilt into every economy, every industry with catastrophic results.

Areas of research such as energy, require huge funding and expertise input. This kind of funding and input, are beyond even the giant commercial organisations. They are even beyond government funding powers. Such research requires global effort, global input, from around the globe, from all aspects, finance, technology and expertise.
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