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Date: 4-7-2020
Countries & future projects
South America

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Global Transport - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Transport creates wealth and opportunity for local, national and international interest. None of today’s advance economies, could have been advanced, without the huge and continues investments they made in their transport infrastructure. Global transport facilities are needed, for both the advancement of the poor nations and the enhancement of advanced economies.

All forms of transport. From land transport programs in the form of roads and rail networks, to sea and air transport networks. All are in urgent need and a pre-requirement, for the development of the global economy and the global society. Global transport strategies are urgently in need, which will benefit both the local, national, regional and in turn the global economy and society.

We have the facilities. We have the industries. We have the know how. All we need, is globally directed policies. Global policies to divert production, from military to civil infrastructure in a global dimension. Other surplus capacity industries, such as the car industries, can be diverted towards such global projects. In so doing, employment is preserved and increased.

At the same time, profit opportunities are created for the commercial companies and organisations. Opportunities that will also create healthy economic activity, which will expand employment and sustain healthy economic growth benefiting the mass consumer market as well as the entrepreneurs.

Developing the means of transport is again not enough. Making it cost effective to use is a major factor. Now a day it cost a fortune to travel from one country to another to promote business activities. Similar to low cost energy and communications, low cost transport is a must have factor for the development of global activity. The development of global activity in all fields from the economic to education, research, health and so on.

Invest in transport infrastructure in all regions especially the under developed counties and regions. Set up production plans for the production of heavy road and other transport making means. Train the locals and let them set up extensive transport networks. Enable them to enter the economic arena and offer their services and products to their local as well as the global consumers. The globe will benefit from such activities. Countries will slowly become self sufficient. Each country, each region have their own resources to offer to the globe.
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