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Date: 13-8-2020
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Global Communications - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Global communications is yet another arena where we need to act and invest as a global group. The mere cost of global communications prevents the global development. Just the cost hinders the opportunities which could be offered to the global labour market. If international telephone charges are reduced to that of local or regional charges then millions of jobs can be created around the globe to offer opportunity to skill labour imprison in their low economic activity countries.

Instead of employing 40 in my company I can expand and employee hundreds. I can expand my companies activities easier and cheaper by just having access to local rate communication charges. Others can make the same in greater scales. Such improvements and availability of global communications is not beneficial only to the poor regions. The advance economies will benefit tremendously as well.

Instead of having to import skill labour, which puts pressure in the housing market and other local services such as the health service and even policing and affects the local market and residents, the employment of foreign labour at their local home will results in gains of the advance labour importing countries. There are many other advantages to both the exporting regions as well as the importing regions. Whole new markets and industries can spring up, just by the advancement in technology in global communications and the access to local charges for such technologies.

A small example we can all learn from is the American style. Local call charges are free! They only pay regional interstate charges as I am told. Trade between the states thrives. Tell this to the Europeans and others where even within the EEC group calls between charges are charged at international extortion rates. The further out you go the higher the call charges are which hinder the development of economic activity in such countries despite being poor economic countries.

Communications is as vital to the local and global economy as is transport, finance, energy, raw and human resources. It is time that we realise this fact. It is time we start doing something about it. The telεcoms are given monopolistic powers and through their high charges are withholding the development of economic activity at both the local as well as the global arena.
Read Next Many questions need to be addressed Solutions need to be found for the adoption of the Isokratic model for both the national as well as the international / global level.