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Date: 3-7-2020
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Many questions need to be addressed Solutions need to be found for the adoption of the Isokratic model for both the national as well as the international / global level. - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Many questions need to be addressed. Balanced solutions need to be reached, on the Global Isokratic manner. For example, would small countries, like Cyprus or Malta, have a one vote, the same as a large country, such as USA, China or Russia? If so, will this be fair, just or balanced within the spirit of Isokratia? Would they not be justified if such larger countries raised the issue?

A lot of groundbreaking work needs be carried out, before a true Isokratic UN global governmental functionality is established. Wouldn’t the argument that vast populations do not necessarily mean they have the ability to reach the correct decisions, be valid? Wouldn’t it be just to give everyone educated or not the choice to decide right or wrong? Many questions arise, for which if we truly invest our minds to it, we will find the correct solutions and develop the right formulas.

Enough for tonight my eyes can not stay open 22 September 2004 00.15 a.m. Sofia Bulgaria
Back to work 22 September 2004 21.56 Sofia Bulgaria

How do we balance the decision making in the Global Parliament, irrespective of whether it is called United Nations or Iso Global Government or whatever? Perhaps a balanced solution would be a formula to begin with. Such formula will be, where the majority of individual member countries votes, is matched with the majority of the citizens votes, from the participating countries.

It could be another formula. Perhaps the majority of the Iso voters of the local area concern country or countries should have priority in the issues concerning, or affecting them only if is an exclusive regional issue. Not so if it has global effects. Solutions will, be developed. As long as it is based on the Isokratic principle, where the Isokratic citizen decides, so that such global Isokratic governing body does not render itself non-factional, nor become vulnerable to the power and might of the few; be it individuals or groups.

A UN global Isokratic parliament, would be the real protection of peace. Global Isokratia would be the terminator of atrocities. Isokratia, will take away the possibility of central government and certain leaders, supporting inhumane acts by certain countries, because of economic, political, or other problems and pressures and influences.

Such a United Nations Isokratic Global parliament, can have a governing role, on universal resources. Another area in need of detailed thought. Another area where your contributions can expand and formulate policy and details. Again I invite thoughts and contributions from anyone around the globe for our globe.
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