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Date: 8-7-2020
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Globalisation of Consumer Buying Power - PART 4 Isokratia Global

From the previous analyses we can see that the globalisation of consumer power has already emerged. The global consumer is now a fact of life. Global consumer buying power is growing rapidly day by day. Though in its infancy, through the electronic business known as online trading or e-commerce, already people no longer have to confine their spending to local shops. They can buy their music, books, wine, shoes, clothes, cars, TVs, cameras, holidays, insurance, medical advice etc. from anywhere around the world, by just a click of the button from the comfort of their home.

There are also new advanced facilities via TV connections to the Internet, or mobile phone connections to the Internet. All these further expand the power and choice of consumers, which in effect create and build the global economy.

The flow of such economic activity has already begun. Every forecast is smashed. The flow has already become unstoppable. Any country trying to prevent e-commerce, will prevent themselves from being part of the global economy. Such countries will lose out to those countries who will open their frontiers to facilitate online trading. I have bought goods and services from the internet from various countries as far apart as America and Thailand, ranging from books, holidays, music, software, hardware, medicine even made to measure clothing.
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