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Date: 13-8-2020
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The Fight for the First Global Exchange Market - PART 4 Isokratia Global

The race has also begun for the control of the global exchange market. The Europeans lead the way with the London and Frankfurt stock exchange merge. The London and Frankfurt exchanges, said they wanted to pursue it even further, with a merger with NAZTAC. That triggered the race between America’s top two exchanges, to form the world’s largest stock market by merging in the New York exchange (NSYE) with NASDAQ.
The New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) is already discussing alliances with nine stock markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, San Paulo, Tokyo and Toronto. It seems that the two American Exchanges, are vying for this, in a climate of consolidation, that could lead to a single global stock exchange.
Indeed, in Australia, Hong Kong and Toronto, the NYSE is hoping to link with the exchanges that already have ties with NAZTAC. At the same time, NYSE is in talks with Europe next, for a proposed merger of the Paris, Brussels stock exchanges. The aim of this planned worldwide alliances, is that stocks can be traded 24 hours a day.
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