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Date: 24-9-2020
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Global Wealth Concentration - PART 4 Isokratia Global

What will happen when individuals amaze and govern big parts of the global wealth? They cannot spend, nor use such wealth, even if they are to live thousands of lives. For example, Bill Gates. Yet the world must carry such examples, to gain hope for the rest. To gain hope for wealth. Hope for improvement and achievement - material and immaterial. To gain hope for the dream. There is no joy in being without hope. Without a hope there can be no dream. We humans can only live and progress if we an hope, if we can dream.

However the question is already being asked. What will become of the world’s economy, when more and more such single individuals or organisations, gather more and more of the global wealth? When more and more global organisations, amaze the biggest parts of global wealth?

Should there be a voluntary limit? Should there be a control? Such individuals, companies and institutions, through their financial muscles, can affect the rest of the world. They can swallow smaller firms, by buying in through acquisition, merger or take over. They can drain the best brains from around the world, by offering remuneration impossible to be offered even by governments, in other parts of the world. Such individuals, or conglomerate global organisations, can master a pool of all resources, human and material. Some thought the answer may be the braking up, of such powerful institutions. A testing case was that of Microsoft in America. Could this be the solution?

I certainly do not claim to have the answers to these frightening questions. NO single person can even have the answers. Combine the global citizens must look to find answers if indeed there are any.

Having a brake for now 25 September 2004 23.13 Sofia Bulgaria

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