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Date: 8-7-2020
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Global Human Resource - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Similar to individual persons and global organisations, individual countries can amaze such powers. A small example is the USA. The Americans have, for a long time, been investing in human excellence, attracting to their shores the best services, the best scientists from around the world, by offering rewards and research opportunities such as scientists could never dream of gaining within their national boundaries.

For this, I give the Americans full credit, for they are the first, not to just simply recognise that to invest in human resources, is the best investment there is, but for practising it too. Projects left on the shelf by other countries, have been given life by the Americans. One such example which springs to mind is The Harrier Jet fighter plane, which was designed after the Second World War in the early ‘50’s by an English designer. Yet that project saw no life until the Americans invested in that project quite a few years later. The Russian water aeroplane, the project abandoned by the Russian government, gained life by the Americans by being able to pour funds in to an abandoned technology. The Russian space rocket engines who are now used by the American NASA.

It is very easy to slip and claim that the Americans are systematically stealing the brains of the world. On the other hand, if the Americans did not, many if not all of these discoveries and advanced technologies shared across the world, will have never seen the light. Would have never been achieved. Would have never pushed technology forward. Would have never contributed to the advancement of our world. Many have missed out. It is easy to say, what does the rest of the world gain? Yet it is equally easy to see that the rest of the world has gained from such technological advancements. Only the rest of the world has to pay the Americans for it now. The rest of the world has to learn!
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