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Date: 10-8-2020
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The Threat Within The Present Day Capitalist System - PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

The big question resurfaces in headlines, again and again: “Will the free market capitalist system ever work smoothly?” This question prompts a further question. “Can there ever be such a thing as a free market capitalist system?” I believe not within the present day format.
The present day market format, lacks market regulations in parts of the globe and suffers from too much market regulation, in other parts of the globe. Market interference and regulation is inevitable, if we want to avoid seeing the world being sent back to oligarchy, whereby a handful, can force themselves on the rest politically or economically. This can be a handful of persons or conglomerate corporations, forcing their policies on the masses; or a handful of countries forcing their policies, on other countries, if not on the rest of the world.
The mid and last part of the twentieth century, has seen the end of imperialism and the old style empire systems with the exception of some small parts around the world. What we are now in danger of experiencing, if not careful, is the new form of imperialism; a new form of empires or bitterly labelled vampires. The economic imperialism through economic empires. The global economic vampires.
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