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Date: 10-8-2020
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Global Finance - PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

Global Capital Finance is yet another sensitive arena which eventually affects all of us. As we practise global economics, we see another important arena, which demonstrates the need for healthy preventative interference. The threat here comes not just from governments, but also from financial agencies, affecting the move of capital. Sometimes such moves can cause total paralysis of an economy, be it advanced or not.

This is best demonstrated in the international capital market, where we have another fearsome form of market intervention. This form o intervention, though artificial and unnecessary, it has interfered in the running of the world economies and as witness many times, has tremendously horrendous affects, on the global economy; all of which are unnecessary, artificial and parasitical. These are the so-called currency speculators and big financial institutions, with their vast amounts of investments.

We have seen the catastrophic effect on the United Kingdom currency, the sterling, when it was forced out of the European Monetary System by the speculative actions of George Soros. Such was the effect, that interest rates raised by the minute at levels higher than those imposed over a period of many years. It happened in other European countries, Scandinavia, Russia and so on and it was attempted with the Greek currency as well, though the Papandreou government at the time defended drachma successfully but not without a cost.

Radical changes and measures are required to avert the boom and bust of whole economies. In Isokratia Global I am proposing one such radical remedy which will cure many of the ailments of the capital , finance and banking systems of present day market operations. Some may find it shocking. Be patient though. Soon you will know. Let’s first have an inner sight of present economic activities n the global arena and their relationary effect between economies within.
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