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Date: 10-8-2020
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Profit Maximising versus Social Values - PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

Many top economists and financial gurus, keep telling us, that profit maximising, is the sole aim of the open market; That profit-maximising behaviour, follows the dictation of expediency of morality. Yet is proven, time and again, that profit maximising, need not be the goal. There is plenty of room to move around. Social values cannot be measured in monetary terms. I refuse to accept that there is no other measure of success and happiness than profit.
I believe that the euphoric feeling, which would be derived from the ecology given by the Isokratia socio governing system and the Iso economics, to every single citizen, will bring about the ultimate feelings of happiness to all citizens. A balance between profit-maximising and social values can be found, and this can only be found when those concerned are the decision makers, for whatever way it effects their lives. When the people, when the public at large have a say at whatever is affecting their lives. When the public at large respects and accepts the profit motive of the business. When the business society and the public at large respect each other’s rights.
This can only be brought about by the principles of Isokratia and Iso economics. If you like, competition will be enhanced because in its themes, elements of future competition under the Isokratia system, will include taking into consideration, the end user, the non user, the public at large. For example, we see the competition between organic and non-organic food. Organic food is supposed to be taking into consideration the values, the concern, the health of the end user, the public at large.
Even though organic food, sometimes it is two or even three times the price of non organic food, people choose to use organic food. This is a very clear example where profit-making and public satisfaction, even through competition, can exist and flourish for the benefit of all. A win - win situation. Both concerns, the business, make more money and the end user enjoys a healthier product.
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