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Date: 10-8-2020
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Fast Track Major Contribution - PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

You can contribute by lobbying your local and central governments representatives to adopt the Isokratia thoughts. You can contribute by helping your political party, to adopt the Isokratia decision sharing principle. You can contribute, by campaigning for the acceptance of the Isokratia thoughts. Fighting from within a political party or other organisation for the adoption of Isokratia is a fast track action.
If you are a party activist you could be doing your political party a big favour by proposing to your political party to adopt the Isokratic system; for if your opposing party adopts Isokratia first your party may for be push to the sidelines for ever. That is exactly what happened in the early 19th century to the then governing Liberal party in England when it fail to adopt the new social policies which would have engulfed the Trade Unions and the public at large. The Labour party came in and adopted these social policies. As a result even after nearly a century later the Liberal party in Britain is still today a minority party; whilst the Labour party are back in power with landslide majority for a second term now.

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