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Date: 3-7-2020
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Global Political Arena - PART 4 Isokratia Global

Now a day, everyone talks of the emerging global economy. Little they mention the emerging global human society. Yet that is where our attention needs to turn. To the formation of the global human society. We need to focus on the rise of the global society, which is being formed right now. It’s being formed by individuals, by voluntary organisations, by commercial organisations, by governmental and by regional organisations. Without the existence of a global human society, there will never be room for a sustained global economy.
I speak of a global human society, because we all got used to speak about globalisation always referring to the global market, the global economy, the trade, the financial transactions. Humanity seems to have forgot or ignore the foremost important factor which is the global human society. It is not hard to verify this. Just have a look at the media, from newspapers and specialist magazines, to the television news and documentaries and the internet. Everywhere discussions and analysis are made of all the other factors except of the human factor of the global society.
Yet, the global economy, market trade, are the factors which will drive us whether we like it or not to turn our attention to the to the human factor of global society. Without the development of global economy, there can be no improvement to the global standards of living. Without the advancement of the global economy, the majority of the global public will be sentence to suffering without hope. Therefore, our attention must primarily directed, to the human aspect of globalisation and then towards the global economic and other factors.
Once we pay attention, we will verify that indeed a global society is in formation. Once we ascertain that fact, we will realise that a global political, and socio governing system is required. A socio governing system, which can support the rise of the global society. None of the currently existing systems come even close, in serving the needs of such global human society. Isokratia Global, offers that solution. Isokratia Global is the solution. Isokratia Global is the foundation upon which a global system can be build for the benefit of all.
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