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Date: 4-7-2020
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The Need For A Compatible Global Socio Governing System - PART 4 Isokratia Global

As global behaviour expands, the need for a compatible global political system, becomes greater and greater. I believe that the principles of open society, in a co-operative spirit, has already given birth, to the shared values, which form the backbone of a global society. The flow is gaining momentum and it can not be stopped. The Global flow however needs to be governed, if disasters are to be avoided and benefits harvest for all.
Before we go deeper into requirements and mechanics of Isokratia Global, lets have a quick look on the currently widely discussed issue; The other reason, why we require a global governing system. Quoting from George Soros the Crisis of Capitalism, “Market forces if they’re given complete authority, even in the purely economic and financial arenas, produce chaos and could ultimately lead to the collapse of the global capitalist system.” The collapse of a system irrespective, of the cause whether is too much regulated intervention, or complete reliance on the market forces, can only be catastrophic.
With economic globalisation we are witnessing economics of scale without a major element. The element of politics of scale. We are already in the early stages of witnessing multinationals dictating policies to governments. In the absence of a matching political system of scales, the economic globalisation will inevitably lead to perhaps the destruction of globalisation. I believe globalisation has much to offer to human development. Therefore I believe a political system of scales is absolutely necessary. Isokratia I believe is the only system that can offer the politics of scales required; in both arenas that of the global socio-governings as well as that of the global economies of scale.
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