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Date: 28-1-2022
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PART 2 Isokratia Political

1. Iso-Voting (Isokratic Voting System )

2. Isokratia Vs Present Systems

3. Present Governing Systems Vary Only By Degree Present Systems

4. It Is Now Possible

5. New Media Practices Required for Iso- Media

6. Is every voter capable of making a decision on every issue, on every matter?

7. The public becomes the decision maker for home and foreign policies

8. The Role Of Government Under Isokratia

9. Isokratic Roles Responsibilities And Powers

10. Governmental Bodies and Institutions

11. Isokratia Local And Isokratic family equals human nature

12. Suffocating of The System by the System

13. Maximum Freedom - Maximum Liberty - Minimum Intervention

14. Having micro-cosmos ruling by the micro-people who govern.

15. Political Pre - Election Manifestos

16. Trade Unions

17. Isokratia (Neo-Democratisation)

18. Bills And Laws

19. Media & Isokratia Iso-Media

20. Some of the requirements & characteristics of Iso-Media

21. Law Proposal Power

22. Isokratic Groups

23. Political Arena IMP ( Iso members of Parliament) (or Iso Congressmen /women)

24. Benefits From such state of Independent Iso-MPs:

25. Isokratic Parliament Central and Local

26. Parliamentary powers.

27. Local governments

28. Isokratic Unionisation

29. How To Make Isokratia Factional With Or Without Political Parties.

30. The Time Has Come

31. Isokratia. Fantasy or Compatible Vision?

32. The Systems Are Ripe - The Time Is Right

33. Opposing Isokratia

34. Engulfing Isokratia

35. The Isokratic Revolution.

36. Who Will Be First

37. Why Should Present Day Democracies Change To Isokratia

38. The Shrinking Gap On Policies Between Opposing Political Parties

39. The Disgrace Of Compulsory Voting

40. You Can Contribute.

41. Contribute By Spreading The Word

42. Blame Each Other's Self Not The Politicians

43. Claim Your Rights

44. Don't Blame Others

45. Isokratia And The Involvement Of The Individual Persons.

46. Attitudes Have Change And Will Continue To Change

47. The Way Forward. The Move Towards Isokratia Global

48. The Coming Of Isokratia

49. Globo Phobics Or Control-Phobics

50. Monarchy

51. How each one of you can Contribute to the Isokratia thoughts!

PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions


PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions