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Date: 28-1-2022
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PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

1. Consumer Power And Restrictive Practices

2. Self redistribution of wealth?

3. Consumer Manipulation & Exploitation

4. How to Reach the Iso-Economics – Some Thoughts

5. Partnering Of Consumers And Entrepreneurs

6. The Threat Within The Present Day Capitalist System

7. The Global Phenomenon

8. Market Intervention, National and Global, Lead To Iso-Economics

9. Market Interference is not monopolistic

10. Market Interference in the international arena

11. As we have seen, there is no such thing as a free market capitalist system.

12. Global Finance

13. Economic Colonies Versus Economic colonisers – the Struggle For Iso Economics

14. The colonisation of single industries within a coloniser by an economic colony

15. Consumer Direct - Global Shopping

16. Globalisation Versus Local Practices

17. Exportation Of Low-Cost Raw Materials

18. Exportation Of Low-Cost Goods

19. Profit Maximising versus Social Values

20. Advanced Economies – Multinationals and Global equilibrium

21. You Can Contribute! Your Contribution to Isokratia!

22. Contributing by spreading the thoughts of Isokratia is the ultimate contribution.

23. Fast Track Major Contribution

PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions


PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions