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Date: 28-1-2022
Countries & future projects
South America

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PART 4 Isokratia Global

0. What You Can Read About in Part 4

1. Global Political Arena

2. What is Global Isokratia

3. The Need For A Compatible Global Socio Governing System

4. Current Global Economic Threat

5. The Global problem today

6. Globo Phobia Or Global Economic Imperialism Phobia.

7. Citizen Versus State – Universal Rules Of Engagement

8. Global Harmonisation And the Role of USA

9. Heads America wins VS Heads America looses

10. Home Principles And Policies Contradict Foreign Principles And Policies

11. Above The Law

12. Not Any More

13. International Affairs And Policy Making How To

14. Setting up the Global Isokratic machine

15. Global Military Security.

16. Intervention VS Inaction

17. The Alternative Can Be Dreadful

18. USA Specific

19. Military Industry Versus Global Demilitarisation Lost investment? Nonsense! Open Your Eyes Military Industrialist.

20. The future model of small country defences

21. Global Police & Global Courts

22. Global Courts

23. Global Currency

24. Global Currency Speculation

25. Global Bank - Global Currency

26. Do we act now or never?

27. IsoCurrency - Global Currency

28. More On The Waste Arising From Multi Currency System

29. Who pays the price?

30. Global Education

31. Global Research

32. Global Health

33. Global Transport

34. Global Communications

35. Many questions need to be addressed Solutions need to be found for the adoption of the Isokratic model for both the national as well as the international / global level.

36. Undeveloped countries

37. Global Labour Market

38. Global Labour And Economic Development

39. The Global Consumers & Global Mergers & Acquisitions, population relocation.

40. Globalisation of Consumer Buying Power

41. Global Distribution Centre

42. Globally Active Banks, Financial Institutions And Their Effect

43. Follow The Leaders - Global Formations

44. The Rash To Become A Global Player Global Take-overs

45. The Fight for the First Global Exchange Market

46. Global Wealth Concentration

47. Global Human Resource

48. Remember That You can Contribute! Your Contribution!

49. Fast Track Major Contribution

PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions


PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions