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Date: 8-12-2021
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What you will find in Part III of Isokratia

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Iso-Economics _ Global Economics and Global Society – The threat within present day form of the so called Free market system.

These and more opening arguments you will find in Part III of Isokratia

In Part II of Isokratia you will find the discussions and arguments of  Iso _ Economics

What is Iso economics?

How consumers can harvest their massive buying power? How consumer as can partner with entrepreneurs in a win – win situation. How the consumer can gain the proportionate economic benefits of his buying power.

You will also find How Iso-Economics can be achieved.  – Some Thoughts are placed opening the discussion.

The Threat Within  The Present Day Capitalist System. This is another aspect analysed in part III.

 â€œWill the free market capitalist system ever work smoothly?â€?   â€œCan there ever be such a thing as a free market capitalist system?â€?

The Global Phenomenon - The Global Phenomenon and the dangers facing us in the 21st century

With economic globalization we are witnessing economics of scale without a major element. The element of politics of scale. We are already in the early stages of witnessing  multinationals dictating policies to governments. In the absence of a matching political system of scales, what will happen to the  economic globalization? Will it  inevitably lead to perhaps the destruction of globalization?

Market Intervention, National and Global, Lead To Iso-Economics. How much intervention is healthy how much is not healthy? These and other economic factors and arguments open the discussion in part III of Isokratia.

Politically motivated interventions, which have affected the markets, at both, the national and the international level. Even   creating wars, be it economic, military, or civil wars. Cases for more opening arguments.

Profit maximising and social factors. Another vital economic area where arguments are put forward for discussion. Is profit maximisation the sole target of entrepreneurs and individuals?

The Threat Within  The Present Day Capitalist System

In part III of Isokratia you will also find opening  arguments about this threat. “Will the free market capitalist system ever work smoothly?â€?. “Can there ever be, such a thing as a free market capitalist system?â€?   What we are now  in danger of experiencing, in the free market capitalist system? 

Global Finance

Single global currency. Can we achieve it? IS it required?

Global Capital Finance is yet another sensitive arena which eventually affects all of us. As we practice global economics. What are the horrendous affects, on the global economy? Are these effects  unnecessary, artificial and parasitical?  More mind busting  opening arguments!

Economic Colonies Versus Economic colonisers – the Struggle For Iso Economics

How advanced economies of the developed and developing world gain full or partial control of the undeveloped  or third world economies. The paradox  of the Economic colonisation of the third world countries by the developed economies.  How the economic colonies can match their masters and surpass them?

The colonisation of single industries within a colonizer   by an economic colony

Turkey versus Germany. How Turkey has taken over a complete industry in Germany becoming the major European supplier in that industry!

Consumer Direct  - Global Shopping

How Consumer Power is spreading it’s wings towards global Iso-economics.

As more and more consumers from high cost advanced economies, spend their budget direct, with low cost economies what will the effects be?

Advanced Economies – Multinationals and Global equilibrium

Could there ever be an equilibrium? Is it possible whilst  the concept of open society is partially practiced around the globe?

Read Isokratia Part III in http://www.isokratia.com/ to find an inside to these and more arguments.

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What you will find in Part III of Isokratia
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