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Date: 25-5-2022
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Isokratia is now fullyreleased

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With the arrival  of Isokratia Catamaran to Athens Greece, the 4th and last part of Isokratia, the new socio governing system,  is now also  released. All parts of Isokratia book are now release and available for free to all toread. Isokratia is offered for FREE in electronic format. Visit  www.isokratia.com and download for free the new socio governing system. Full of radical unique but never extreme ideas which puts the power of decision making to your hands. To the hands of every voter!



Read and send your suggestions. Send your comments. Get involved. Get out of the present apathy because your vote will count under the Isokratic system.


Chris Neophytou

29th May 2007  at Athens  - Greece

Isokratia sailing from Thailand to Greece more
Isokratia waiting for departure more ...
Pirate encounter SE of Sri Lanka
Isokratia Part II now released
The Isokratia Voyage update
Isokratia update after Maldives
The Isokratia Voyage update gooing to Salah
Isokratia is now fullyreleased
The Isokratia Voyage update 12th March 2007 Arriving at Salalah in Oman
Isokratia crosses Suez Canal arrives in Larnaca Cyprus Sunday 15th April 2007
What you will find in Part III of Isokratia
In & out of port Aden in Yemen. Where to go to? Record fishing day!
Voyage update 7th April 2007 - Isokratia on retreat ! Forced to turn back!
Voyage update 10th April 2007 - Through the straights of Hell Twice-
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